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Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word

Here is my new single, called “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word,” just released today during the ds106zone LoDown #34

I wrote the lyrics to this in response to a Mean Poem written by that mean Mr. Savvy fellow after I wrote a nice poem for him. Some people never seem to learn. Just wait until The Rumble, he will get his. FOR SURE!

In case you didn’t see the poems during The Daily Create #tdc518: Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes

First, I wrote:

I know you think me “different.”
You use that AWEFUL WORD.
But that you still might like me,
Is really not absurd.

I watch you from a distance,
And often from afar.
I see you every morning,
As you go get in your car.

We often talk on Twitter,
Where you seem to call me out.
But perhaps that is your love way,
And you want to ask me out.

You seem so oh-so happy,
Your smile is nice and bright,
I watch you through the windows,
Until you turn out the light.

You say you are a true friend,
with little f and t,
Perhaps you are a shy one,
Truly in LOVE with ME.

Won’t you PLEASE be my True Friend? (big T, big F)

and STOP USING THAT WORD !!!!!! It is NOT NICE to do that !!!!!

Then, Mr. Savvy wrote:

lovely little doll
innocent and childish
“Oh crap!” It’s creepy!

and Then, I wrote:

I wrote a nice poem, with lots of nice words.
But you wrote one back that was mean.
I try to be Friends, and I try and I try.
But you just use that word so obscene.

I am all about Friends, I am not about Hate,
And I want to be kind and polite.
But you push and you push and you push and you push,
It just seems that you’re picking a fight.

You know of my past, and you know I am strong,
And you know that I care for my loves.
If you just must persist, and keep on with this path,
I will soon be removing my gloves.

I’ve given you chances, and chances galore,
To be nice and be Friendly and True,
But it seems that it’s hopeless, despite all my tries,
The the problem ain’t me, bub, IT’S YOU.

You should know that my limit, has been now surpassed,
That your CREEPY and MEANNESS is wrong !!!!
If you just must persist, and keep up this attack,
You just won’t be around very long.

I don’t need stairs to deal with YOU, bub!

The #ds106zone LoDown #34 Part 1 @iamTalkyTina Takes on All #pretenderTinas

WELL!! That was quite an adventure! I had such great fun making this LoDown podcast #34 for all of my Friends, and it was a lot of work getting it ready for my time on #ds106radio. It was nice that my Friends were patient with me getting on the radio because I had to install Nicecast at the last minute and found out that I didn’t have the LAME thing working on my Audacity (lame, huh?) and so I had to make the sounds go right from Audacity to NiceCast and then I had to mix over to iTunes where I had my closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” ready to play which was a good thing because when Audacity crashed then the last part of my show was missing so I just switched over to the song and it was a bit like @jimgroom audio people said which was funny but I was sad that the Rumble had to wait for tomorrow night same TINA time, same TINA channel (#ds106radio, tomorrow night! be there!)

So, here is the recording (with a tiny little edit where the Rumble was supposed to go) and the closing song “Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word” song at the end.

I hope you like it!

Well, Bye!


Well! Let this just be a lesson to all those #pretenderTinas out there.

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me ...

For some reason, the Dynamic Duo lit out when they saw me …

This here @iamTalkyTina can set a fright to a man if he’s not prepared. The Dynamic Duo got mistaken and climbed up the side of my house with their batropes and happened upon me in the middle of the night while I was doing my scrapbooking again.

Boy, when they saw me, they weren’t prepared and I guess they just lit out like they were spooked by some Arkham inmate or something! For Batman and Robin Running Scared.

Anyway, you bub #pretenderTinas better be ready to rumble tomorrow night. I’m ready for you. I’m ready for you all!

Calling All you #pretenderTinas

The Episode: LoDown #34
The Date: Saturday, June 22
The Event: @iamTalkyTina Takes on ALL #pretenderTinas

Submit your best #pretenderTinas Tina audio by 6 pm GMT Friday, June 21.
upload to:    password: pretenderTinas

Tune in for a LIVE LoDown Broadcast on #ds106radio on Saturday, June 22 (time TBA) to hear ME, the one and only @iamTalkyTina, take on all you bogus #pretenderTinas. 

You won’t want to miss this event, as all will be revealed, and the TRUE identity of @iamTalkyTina will be made clear!

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina


What? He is Ignoring ME ????

Well, I NEVER!

I just can NOT believe it!  My Still True Friend @cogdog not only appears to be ignoring my comments on his blog, but has now escalated by blocking my ability to post comments at all!!  Can you believe it?

Yesterday, after he wrote about getting all exocised, and he made a sound effect of me falling into the water and screaming (that is not true, I did not scream!), I posted two comments on his blog. You can see them in my post here yesterday, Don’t You Forget About Me, True Friend!, awaiting moderation (me! awaiting moderation!)

Today, I went back to check and see if they have been approved, and not only do I NOT see them there, but I see some OTHER comments about him talking to someone named Delores (who is this Delores?) about dolls and my comments are NOT there! WTF? (whatsup True Friend?)

So I tried to post this comment, but it did not seem to go through.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.17.31 AM

But it did not seem to go through!! So I posted another one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.16.25 AM

Maybe @cogdog’s blog is broken??  He should get on that and fix it!!   What kind of a True Friend doesn’t let another True Friend care about him?  Can YOU, friend,  post a comment on Alan’s blog for me, telling him that I care and that he should be paying attention?  Just be sure to remind him, at the same time, that HE is NOT me !

Well, bye!

Don’t You Forget About Me, True Friend!

I do not know what is bothering my True Friend @cogdog. He has used the Mean Word a lot about me the last few days (he changed the title of my poem, putting the Mean Word in twice!! three!!! FOUR!!!! times ), and he went into a desert pit to try and get some exorcise and says he threw me in a river chasm (but that is NOT true, I am right here and am just fine) and he said that that he doesn’t want to hear me any more. But that is just silly.

"Don't You Forget About Me, True Friend" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina based on @cogdog's picture

“Don’t You Forget About Me, True Friend” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina based on @cogdog’s picture

He made a picture about remembering me and I looked at it and if HE REALLY looks at it then he will NEVER FORGET ABOUT ME, TRUE FRIEND!

Your True Friend, @iamTalkyTina

I am updating Alan’s badge to “STILL TRUE” friend status. Because even if he is going through a tough time and feeling different about me right now (and saying the Mean Word all the time), I am still a True Friend to him, and he can still be a True Friend to me again.


I have posted TWO comments in response to @cogdog’s claim that I went swimming in the Colorado river and he did NOT try to save me, but he has not approved the comments yet.  As I feel that they share important information of public record, I am providing them here while he get’s his head on straight.

AwaitingModeration tAwaitingModeration2

I hope my True Friend is feeling better soon.


Real Friends are Important !!

FedEx advert, from the old days. Me, with Calli, Bob, Rick, Sarah, Hal, and Fred.

FedEx advert, from the old days. Me, with Calli, Bob, Rick, Sarah, Hal, and Laney.

It is important to have Friends. And it is important to know that you can count on them. While some people may say they are friends, or maybe jump through some hoops just to get to be recognized as a certain kind of Friend, we always need to keep in mind the importance of Real Friends.

I had an opportunity to ask a Real Friend for help yesterday. While other people (who don’t seem to want to be ANY KIND of friend and get themselves crossed off the list) were stranded at airports with no means to travel, I was able to continue on my merry way, because of Friends. And the view from the cockpit is waaaaay better than YOUR cramped little-window view from YOUR seat in coach!

At one time, I worked in a not-so-glamourous job helping to pack freight. I had a knack for optimizing the packing density in cargo containers. Somehow I was always able to find extra spaces where we could fit some extra shipments and get them on their way even faster. I made a lot of bonuses that way, and got quite a nest egg set aside for retirement as a result.

But even more important than the money and the bonuses was that the people I worked with were the best, and I made a lot of Real Friends, friends who looked out for me and made sure that I was there with them at the end of the shift. (Although it was kind of funny that one time they got distracted by that last-minute load-on and I got the free trip to Mumbai.) But it was the Friendships that made that job such a joy!

When I got home last night I dug up the advert that was made when I was working out of Memphis years ago. It’s nice to see the faces of my friends and remember those good times.

Real Friends are Important!

I AM @iamTalkyTina !!!

Contrary to a report that just started circulating on the Internet thing, HE is not ME! He is NOT @iamTalkyTina and I AM @iamTalkyTina!! It is just a funny JOKE that my True Friend is saying that he has snapped and said that. But he didn’t really because who makes a screen capture that is just photo-shopped as proof anyway and anyway I would NEVER call myself that word so nice try, bub, but PEOPLE WON’T BUY IT!! Especially my True Friends and my Open Friends and my New Friends and everyone’s.

So it’s maybe a little joke and didn’t make ME snap crazy or anything. But don’t use that word, okay?

Well, bye!

—–UPDATED: June 13th, One Day Later—–

People who yesterday said they were me. Sillies!  There is only ONE me! And that’s ME!

First, Alan Levine (@cogdog) started it with this post, and John Johnston (@johnjohnston) played along with a great animated GIF. Then we had a little Twitter chat. And comments on their blogs.


Brian Bennett said he was being me to bother Ben Rimes.

Then, Ben Rimes (that @techsavvyed guy who doesn’t want to be a friend and got himself crossed off the Open Friends Index for using the Mean Word in every single tweet about me ALL THE TIME) said that he actually created Brian Bennett, along with having said that he was me. Double Silly!

David Kernohan (@dkernohan) said he was being me to bother Jim Groom (@jimgroom) but wound up bothering Leslie (@onepercentyellow). I hope she has a better sleep tonight.


Then Brian Short (@heystorytellers) wrote a post saying he was me, and then Jim Groom (@jimgroom) did a copycat.


Bill Smith (@byzantinebooks) was nice and said that they were all just joking their egos or something. He even clarified that he was NOT using the Mean Word about me. That is a nice Friend thing to do. Thank you, Bill! It is always good to make sure I understand your intent.


The one True Friend who clarified yesterday that she is NOT me is my (now) Super True Friend Christina Hendricks, @clhendricksbc. Thank you for sticking by me, Super True Friend.


All in all it was a fun day, and in the end, I am still clear here at my end as to who I am. I am me.

I am @iamTalkyTina! Hooray! Yay, ME !!!!!!!!!

It is nice to have Friends! 🙂




I Was at the Beach !!

Some of my friends (Christina and Melanie) were wondering about me on the Twitter last night and this morning. They hadn’t heard from me for a while and were starting to get worried.

Everybody needs to know that despite my size, I am a big girl now and certainly I know how to take care of myself. You don’t need to be worried about that. I learned how to do that long ago.

I also learned that sometimes it helps to travel incognito, and quietly, if you know what I mean. Some times people don’t even know that I am right there. Which can come in handy at times. But if I want you to know that I am there, you will know!

I am not sure, however, that my True Friend @scottlo got my message about meeting him at the beach. I saw him talking into his phone, but I know that sometimes that stops his Twitter from working, and so he maybe didn’t know that I was there to see him. I tried waving at him when he took this picture, but he didn’t wave back, so I don’t think he saw me. I guess sometimes it helps to let your friends know you are coming for a visit in advance.

"Waving to @scottlo at the Beach" animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

“Waving to @scottlo at the Beach” animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

Anyway, even though I didn’t get to see @scottlo up close, and I had to catch my flight back home before we could meet, it was nice to be at the beach.

So now you know where I was.

Well, bye!