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tdc541: What I Drew with Lines

So The Daily Create for July 2nd is tdc541: Draw something abstract out of straight lines.

Here is What I Drew With Lines:

“What I Drew with Lines” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Do you like it? Can you say what it is? I know, but I think that to lots of people it will just look like lines.

Make some Art, bub!

ds106radio Friends

When it is just me at home, makes it easier for me to miss my friends. I thought that you all might like to see a picture of me with a couple of my special d106radio Friends, Grant and Jason.

Me and my peeps, Grant and Jason

Me and my peeps, Grant and Jason. photo by @iamTalkyTina (see note below)

As you probably know, Grant Potter (@grantpotter) is the one who invented ds106radio and he has the special magic powers that keep the radio station going. Grant was making lots of great radio shows on ds106radio this year like Nightfall from the CBC and all that great Rod Serling and Twilight Zone companion shows that have been on there this year. Plus, sometimes he plays his guitar and sings and puts on radio talking shows that are fun to listen to. Grant has a special ds106radio name secret identity, too, but I will not blurt out a secret name. Friends don’t just let a secret pop out just because they know it.

Jason Toal (@draggin) likes to play music with funky beats that get me dancing to the funky music beats. He has lots of special restorative music powers that let him play great music and make it really fun to listen to. But Jason also has a special ds106radio name secret identity, and I will protect his secret identity in the ds106radio world just like for Grant. Jason’s music is like medicine when you are missing your friends. Oh, yeah!

Well, I hope you like listening to ds106radio as much as I do. One of the great things about the ds106 world is ds106radio. That is why I am glad that ds106radio is here. You can listen to ds106radio by going to on the Internet or on a mobile device. If you want, you can get something called TuneIn Radio app that makes it easy to listen. It comes in all kinds of flavours for tasty Apple devices, and Blackberry devices, and robot Android devices and even devices for your Windows (i don’t really understand that one!). Even for devices for the Palm of your hand, if you can believe it!!! Once you get it installed, just search for ds106 and pick the one that says “Canada: We Jam Econo” (Grant is from Canada and so is Jason) because that is the new one that works with since it got a 2.0 upgrade. (Because will be a favourite of yours, put it in your Favourites list by clicking on the love heart in the app.)

A Little Note: Just in case you were wondering, my photo of me and my ds106radio friends looks a lot like this one that Alan Levine (@cogdog) made, except that this is clearly a different one because I am in it. I say this just so that you won’t get the two photos confused.

Well, Bye!  I’ll hear you on !!!

animated version

Grant, Jason, and Tina — The Animated Easter Egg Version  (watch closely, or you’ll miss it!)


What Makes a True Friend?

@iamTalkyTina Ingredients

@iamTalkyTina Ingredients

Well, today’s The Daily Create asked for a list of the ingredients that go into making what you are, and so I had to look at my label (do not remove until delivered to the customer) to see what goes into making me.

But I think that all of my True Friends would be able to say what was inside me and what goes into making me without even looking at my label and it is just a formality for me to share it with everyone here.

But just for the record, I am 100% True Friend ingredients, made up of all the best things that you would ever want in a friend, or a True Friend, or a Super True Friend, or a Still True Friend, or a New Friend, or an Open Friend, or a Real Friend.

So it was a good assignment for The Daily Create, and just goes to show everyone yet again that I am all good and am not like all those other people were saying about me all the time. They should just get over that, bub. 

Or read the label, sometimes, you might actually learn something!

Well, Bye!