You too can become @iamTalkyTina Certified!

You will receive a special badge, plus the prestige and admiration from other members of the @iamTalkyTina Certified Community, plus the wonderful satisfaction of having met our astringent community requirements.

Certification in CREATORIST

Our first certification being offered is in CREATORIST, during June 2017.

The application window for @iamTalkyTina Certification in CREATORIST is in June 2017. To qualify, you need to complete the #30dayTDC The Daily Create Challenge and you need to formalize your application by submitting four pieces of information.


NOTE: Do not be scared away by the need to submit a URL to a “record tracking page.” To simplify the documentation of your record tracking page, you may wish to paste the provided HTML into the ‘text’ view of your blog web page, and then update it appropriately. You can see mine here: June 2017 30-Day Challenge

Certification in GIF ARTIST

Keep an eye out for news of our second certification program, coming soon!