Memoirs: Looking Back on a Life

Cover Shot of my new book, "The Stairs, They Go Both Up and Down"

Cover Shot of my new book, “The Stairs, They Go Both Up and Down”

I have released my memoir. Documenting my life in show business from the late fifties through to the early seventies, my book shares some passionate emotions that have framed my experiences in working in “the biz,” and offers guidance for the starlet (or even star) just starting out in the Hollywood of today.

In this moving, honest, and often gritty recount, I break down all the barriers and challenge all of the nay-sayers and #pretenderTinas in my own special @iamTalkyTina way, giving you, my reader Friends, new insight into my motivations, my desires, and my special attitudes about Friends.

This is one book that you won’t want to miss, and once you pick it up, it is one you won’t dare put down until you have finished reading it through to the complete end. Twice. It is that good, and besides, True Friends know what is good for them.

Pick up a copy today. A fine booksellers and Wal-Marts everywhere.

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