One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone #3

Hello, Friends!

I am fine! Thank you for thinking about me and asking on the Twitter. I have been busy with some little projects that are fun for me.

Like this. Here is another challenge!! Can you guess which episode this is? And the season? And the episode number? And who was the “star” of this episode?

Remember, if you want to be the winner, you have to say all four answers. If you only say some, then you will not be the winner, like David and Ben who did not get all of the answers last time but Christina did, so she won.  Remember, I will not let you spoil it for others, but I will tell you “You Got It” and tell you your score so you know where you stack up.

Okay! Ready?  Here it is.

"One Story / Four Icon Challenge #3

“One Story / Four Icon Challenge #3

Let the games begin!!!

2 thoughts on “One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone #3

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Hmmmm….this one is a little tough. I think it’s “*******************************************,” Season ******, episode ******, starring ***********************. I got this from the last two icons: *************** finger ***********************and then *************************** (I know you’ll have to delete this sentence too!). I’m not sure about the ***************** maybe the **************** is ****************, and the ********** is *************************** (ditto with this sentence).

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      You Got It, True Friend Christina. You scored 4 points out of 4 points !!!! Don’t tell anyone the answers. More than one person can be a winner and get all four points. People don’t have to score less than 4 points out of 4 points as long as they remember to give answers for all 4 questions and as long as they get all of the answers right. Otherwise they won’t have as high a score and they won’t tie with you to be the winner. Although you are the best winner because you got them all right first, but they can still be a winner.


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