tdc547: Are You Getting Your Daily Vitamin CRE8 ?

My Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) has been having a bunch of drill sergeant yammering at him and everybody else for over a week now about how important it is that you get your daily summer supplement of ds106 Vitamin CRE8.

I have been doing my little best to get some Daily Vitamin CRE8 every day. That Flickr still doesn’t seem to see my cre8s but now that I think about it maybe @cogdog has blocked me from showing up from Flickr in the same way that he seems to be able to block my friendly comments on his blog. Perhaps he is in a different zone from me like those shows where something happens like a noise and then people are there and we can see both on the TV but somebody can’t see the other people in the show and they’re like right there saying, “Hello, CAN YOU SEE ME, I’m standing right here in front of you, HELLOOOOO!!!!!” and then they say, “Oh, I think we must be in a different dementia zone or something.” So maybe that’s why he can’t hear me. Maybe he is in a different dementia zone. But I still think he’s just pretending.

Anyway, here is my cre8 July 8 which was to make a drawing using 8s and so I did and then I thought it would be more fun if it moved a little bit, so here it is.

"Stairs in 8s" animatedGIF, by @iamTalkyTina

“Stairs in 8s” animatedGIF, by @iamTalkyTina

You can see my efforts on this page that I have made just for the The Daily Create Summer 2013 Challenge so that you can see all the ones that I do. And you can also see my The Daily Create posts in this category called The Daily Create. And if you think that this one tdc547 looks like the one for tdc541 “Draw something abstract out of straight lines,” then that is your imagination, not mine. It’s just a coincidence, I say!!

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