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“Stopping by the Old Office” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Well! It is a time to come out of the wooden work and get back to some ds106 goodness! And to Make Some Art, Bub!

My Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog, on Twitter) is having a new course of ds106 Digital Storytelling Community and it will be a great time for me to have some new people be my Friends.

In other times, I have had Open Friends and New Friends, and especially True Friends (they get badges!) but this time I think I will have Work Friends. Those will be new friends of mine from Alan who is teaching a course of Work ds106 for people at George Mason University, and it is called DS106 Storytelling Goes to Work. And he even has a suitcase for it.

So. I wrote before some ideas that I had that people should do and so just in case you missed the details when Alan said then you might find some reminders from me in my post called Some Advice for My Newest Friends.

I will be making a new page for Work Friends and putting it up in my menu bar space where it will be easy to find. And when I get names and blog names and twitter and the such. And I will be using my various special skills to help people when I can to do their work.

Plus, it is time to Make Some Art, Bub — and that UNCLE @jimgroom should not be having his Art Lack any more. Plus other people in ds106 Community. Like I saw already that my True Friends Rowan (@rowan_peter, on Twitter) made office work messages to Todd (@Todd_Conaway, on Twitter) and to Mariana (@mdvfunes, on Twitter), plus Tom (@twoodwar, on Twitter) and John (@johnjohnston, on Twitter) who made a GIF TV, and I got my own channel (press #12), plus a cow (@annycow, on Twitter).

So, I will probably take my ds106 work with me when I am on missions and might not be in that old office much, but I will still be doing my creating and things.

But you should make sure you click on all the links up above before you go do anything else. There is lots of good stories in those links.

And hello to all the GMU peoples who will be new Work Friends of me!

Well, bye!

11 thoughts on “Talky Tina Goes to Work

  1. todd conaway

    You know, when you mentioned the “wooden work” for some reason I read “wooden box” and you know, I just had this flash of, well, you know, like you in a box. Kinda strange.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, but nobody likes to be in a box or to have their creativity trapped or put in the box. So that is why making Art is important! Plus, you can get out and see the world! But not if you are in a box.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, that is very nice of you to say, Alan. Plus, a good idea.

      And, just to be clear, about the hierarchy, first they would get to be a Work Friend. Then, some of them might apply and get to be a True friends. But I don’t think there will be a category called True Work Friend. Unless I make one. But a new Work Friend COULD get to be a True Friend (and get a badge!)

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, just so you know, I probably wouldn’t wear those kind of shoes when I am working. They’re not very stable and make a loud clicking sound which is difficult when I need to be stealthy or sneaky. Plus, it can make people think that I’m desperate about my height. Which I’m not. But you wouldn’t suggest that, would you? You know better!

  2. Christina Hendricks

    Super True Friend! So glad to see you’re back and going to work. I’m working a lot too but I’m going to try to do some ds106 work before my classes end April 8 and then I do some serious art making after that. I have had quite an art lack myself, and it’s not okay. Excited to meet some new friends!

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hey, Super True Friend!

      Well, yes, I’ve been busy and things and it is good to stop by the Office and think about old times.

      So YES, make some Art, Christina, and maybe we can have an Office Party at the water cooler (NOT the one by the elevator!)

  3. rowan_peter

    Hello Talky Tina,

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve signed to go to work with us. I’ve been thinking a lot about your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications and how they could be used in the best way here as a full-time-fixed-term-contract-employee at the company.

    After much thought and deliberation, I believe the role most suited to you is a workplace health and safety officer. In this role you would be responsible for managing the health and safety of all employees.

    Daily tasks would include identifying and rectifying potential hazards in the workplace. Potential hazards may include slips, trips and falls (down stairs) as well as administrative and psychological hazards.

    The company looks forward to speaking to you about this role and how you can bring your special brand of professionalism to the company.

    Thanks and speak to you soon,


    1. iamTalkyTina Post author


      Well, that is a good thing that you have hired me as our WorkPlace Health and Safety Officer consultant. It will be a good thing for all Friends in the DS106 Digital Storytelling Community that I have this time free in my busy schedule to do good work for Friends in an official capacity over the coming seven weeks. Plus, it is a good thing for Making Art.

      If you are in need of any assistance for the provision of Security and Investigative services, I would be pleased to also support The Workplace in an official capacity in this regard. Of course, these responsibilities would require additional appropriate remuneration, to be negotiated in within the context of my usual Agency contracts.

      Best regards, True Friend!


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