All Those Iconic Movie Posters Without Their Icons

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 9” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

So, your job, should you choose to accept it, Mr. Groom, is to identify all of the Iconic Movies that these are the Iconic Movie Posters from, except that I took the Iconic Parts out of them because of The Daily Create, tdc1210, which said to take them out. They are officially called “Absence Art Posters” and the idea comes from a series called “Arrête ton cinéma” by French artistic director Madani Bendjellal. The Daily Create directed us to “Some empty film posters to help you kill time until the working day’s over” on It’s Nice That by James Cartwright, who was highlighting Bendjellal’s work.

Added: As it turned out, I jumped right in and made a whole whack of these before looking at the examples; three of the ones which I painstakingly cleaned up had been previously done by Bendjellal. He had a different starting point for one of his (my Number 5), but I think I cleaned up my Number 3 better by removing more of the iconic bits. I’m okay having left the shadow as a clue for my Number 8. I also removed all traces of clues (film credit footers with directors, actors, etc.) so that you might have to dig a bit deeper for a couple. Number 6 was for Jim Groom, and it led me naturally to number 7, which also turned out nicely. 

So, let’s get going! Which iconic movie is that first one from, up there at the top?

Next, we will go in order from the order I did them on my Flickr.

Number 1

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 1,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 2

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 2,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 3

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 3,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 4

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 4,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 5

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 5,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 6

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 6,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 7

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 7,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 8

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 8,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

and then the Number 9 one of it is right up there at the top where you started.

So. What are all these 9 Iconic Movies called? It is a contest to put all of the answers in the Comments. Whoever gets them all right first is the winner.

6 thoughts on “All Those Iconic Movie Posters Without Their Icons

  1. Jim Groom

    I love movie games, and I think I know most of them. But we’ll see, and I promise I didn’t cheat:

    1) E.T. (Inspired choice, so not a movie poster without Eliot and ET on the bike)
    2) This one is tough, is it Bullit or Kill Bill? Probably the latte, but I am stuck
    3) Apocalypse Now? (I am guessing, but think it’s a good one)
    4) Vertigo (I almost don’t know what is missing besides the title)
    5) Hmmm, water? I have no idea. The Deep? I don;t think it’s The Abyss. You got me on this one
    6) Escape from New York (a personal favorite)
    7) Planet of the Apes (genius!)
    8) Forrest Gump (you nailed this one, Tina!)

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, UNCLE Jim, you can check out your answers for yourself by clicking on all of the links that I made just now in comment number one. But you have to click on them because just a hover won’t work. I hid the actual URLs behind shortcuts. Aren’t I a sneaky one!

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Plus, while I was tracking down one errant original image for my attribution, I found an animated one of it by a ds106 student Lisa from 2012 who made it in response to one that you had done, Still True Friend, Alan!

      Lisa's Animated Poster for Hitchcock's Vertigo (ds106, Summer 2012)

      Plus, this one.

      And this one.

  2. Brian Bennett

    I’m going to pull a couple I didn’t know from Groom’s list…

    1. ET (this scared the what out of me as a kid…)
    2. Kill Bill
    3. No idea, but I’ll go with Apocalypse Now. Seems right.
    4. Vertigo
    5. Jaws (…also scared the what out of me…)
    6. Escape from NY
    7. Planet of the Apes
    8. Forrest Gump
    9. No clue.


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