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I am making New Friends this summer. These are my New Friends from the ds106zone UMW class.

My True Friend @ScottLo made a Netvibes page of their blogs.
That gave me the great idea to make a Twitter list of their Twitter names. So far I have thirteen (13) New Friends on my Twitter list. Not that anyone is counting (but I am).

Then I started working on my New Friends Index to keep everything straight and match up all the pieces. It may take me a few days yet until they get their acts together. (That’s not too rude, is it?)

My very newest friends (you know who you are) should read a post I wrote, called Some Advice for My Newest Friends.  And pay attention to Mr. Groom’s introduction video. I will update my New Friends list below as you update your blogs, your Twitter names, and the such.  It is fun to be Friends!  

My ds106zone UMW New Friends
Friend Blog Twitter Name
Kara Happy Fun Time Blues @FunTimeBlues
Rita Rita Art @RitaLogorrhea
Katy Summer in Fredericksburg (Reclaiming Relaxation) @ChatyKase
Kelli Kelli Wisbauer @kelliwisbauer
Jessica  Don’t Get it Twisted @JessicaCole22
Kevin Kevin Shavalay @Kshaav
Andrew The Andrew Thomas Experience @Derdgod 
Kris  bowties & skulls  @bowtiesandskulls
Charles La Vulpe @AlopexVulpes
Arlana Mi Casa de Los Gatos @arlanamcbear
Mark Turn 2 @mchris008
Sean Crawling My Way Out of the Arts and Into the Sciences @seanplacchetti
Mel Mel’s Notebook
Claire Claire Patrick @Cekp1234
Kevin Vibe
Ashley Fifty Shades of Cheetah

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