The DS106 Workplace & DS106 Goes to Work

DS106 Storytelling Goes to Work

My good and Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) is having a special version of DS106 Digital Storytelling Community called DS106 Storytelling Goes to Work.

The DS106 Workplace

Various Staff members involved in the learning experience will be operating out of the recently completed The DS106 Workplace. You will see this open entity referenced from time to time throughout the course. Where the entity goes after the course ends is still unclear, but an acquisition by a major learning management corporation is right out.

Health and Safety Officer

For the duration of the course, I will be assisting at The DS106 Workplace as the official Health & Safety Officer.  If you have pressing Health and Safety Concerns as they relate to our open, online learning community, you may report them via my offical @iamTalkyTina hotline voicemail.


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