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iamTalkyTinaHulka_FlowerPower250I am making MORE New Friends, but this time it is in the Fall. This will be my NEW List of #headless13 Friends for the fall 2013 #ds106 digital storytelling class that does not have a head.

My Super True New Old Radio Friend @ScottLo made a Netvibes page of their blogs.
That gave me the great idea to make a Twitter list of their Twitter names. So far I have 53 #headless13 Friends entered on my Twitter list and am adding more as you read. Not that anyone is counting (but I am).

Then I started working on my #headless13 Friends Index to keep everything straight and match up all the pieces. It may take me a few days yet until they get their acts together. (That’s not too rude, is it?)

My very newest #headless13 Friends (you know who you are) should read a post I wrote, called Some Advice for My Newest Friends.   I will update my #headless13 Friends list below as you update your blogs, your Twitter names, and the such.  If I don’t have your information, it isn’t because I haven’t tried to detective it out. But you can help me by posting a comment or sending me a message on Twitter (i am @iamTalkyTina on Twitter).

It is fun to be Friends!  

My #headless13 Friends
Friend Blog Twitter Name
Alan CogDogBlog: Alan Levine Barks Here @cogdog
Alan DS106 Tricks: Gone Headless @cogdog
Alan {x | x != “head”} @alanliddell
Andrew De•tri•tus: flotsam and jetsam of interest @aforgrave
Ary “All the world’s a MOOC, and all the men and women merely teachers and learners.” @trendingteacher
Bill Bill Smith ds106 experimentation …to experiment… @byzantiumbooks
Blair What is DS106? This is (my) DS106. @ned_lee
Brian Digital and Analog Storytelling @heystorytellers
Brian Educator, Learner: Trying to Lead by Example @bennettscience
Cara Learning is not compulsory @Houseygirl
Caroline DS106 In the Key of Caroline# @caro_swinburne
Cathleen Digital Sparks: Igniting Creativity @cathleennardi
Chris Crispy DS106: Telling Tall Tales @cpjobling
Christina InaDS-ing @clhendricksbc
Dave Create… That’s Great! Let’s get creative… digitally @gr8kree8
David Followers of the Apocalypse @dkernohan
Dawn DS106 Awesomeness @dawnstahura
Derek Derek J Robertson: Digital Video in Higher Education @
Emily Emily R. Strong Musings on Technology in Higher Ed @madamezubidar
Gitte Without a Safety Line: for my headless ds106 adventure @gbaileyh
Giulia G-Log: Giulia’s Memory Place @giuliaforsythe
Haley Aetherbunny: Mythos, new media and a rabbit on the moon @haley_exe
Hayfa Lifelong Learner: ds106 #4life @HayMajd
iamTalkyTina I am TalkyTina: and I just know we’re going to be such good Friends! @iamTalkyTina
Jan Jan Oliver @
Janet Janlynn2013’s Blog: My Blog Explores EdTech @JanWeb3
Jess JessTheObscure @Jess_TheObscure
Jim bavatuesdays: a “b” blog @jimgroom
Joe DS 106: Joe Finucan – DS106 Headless @JoeFinucan
John 106 drop in: for dropping in on and driving by DS106 @johnjohnston
Kelcy In Search of Knowledge: Where left brain meets right brain – critical and creative thinking! @kmallwein
Keren DS106 Keeping My Head @MsBetsyMcC
Kevin Kevin’s Meandering Mind @dogtrax
Laila lewellman: ds106 @hardcorekancil
Maddie My MOOC experiences: Conversations and learning in the digital world @maddiekp
Marcel Learningblog for ds106 (digital storytelling) @marceldeleeuwe
Mariana DS106 on the Couch: Insights from the #headless13 shrink. @mdvfunes
Mark Westerham’s Weblog @mjwesterham
Martin Digital Storytelling: ds106 @martinlugton
Melanie Indie School Librarian @indieschoollib
Michaelann Elkins Park Front Yard Farm @velickym
Mike skinonframe @
Mikhail thisevilempire: controlling the remote @mgershovich
Nancy The Digital Seamstress: Stitcher. Tech. Gluten Free Foodie @bellekid
Ol’ Hatchet Jack Ol’ Hatchet Jack @olHatchetJack
Paul raptn’rent @phb256
Philipp Beijing Dog @fiedegufei
Rhonda Rhonda Jessen.com: Words, Photos, Ideas @rljessen
Rochelle Rockylou Productions: Cultivating Creativity, Raising Visions @Rockylou22
Rowan amidoinitrite? My exploration of how we learn and how we design and develop stuff that helps us learn. @rowan_peter
Sally Vibrant Outlook: A blog for exploring educational technologies. @swilson416
Scott Scottlo Radio Blog: playing, learning and teaching in a digital age @scottlo
Shannon Shannotate @shannotate
Shaun Grief or Glory: Shaun D. McMillan’s Guide to Great Story @Shaun_Mc
Stefanie StefanieJ ds106 Course Page @StefanieJ2
Tim Tim Owens @timmmmyboy
Todd The Pagan Pirate Archives: Because I can DS106 Too @Todd_Conaway
Vivien Viv’z Blog: Open Education @VivienRolfe
William Somerset – Headless DS106 Course @
SAB: This WordPress.com site is the bee’s knees @
A Blog Named Bruce @
+AboriginalEnergy: DS106 Journey @TishBeThunder
DS106: Experimenting with Digital Storytelling @
Emerging DS106: A Librarian’s Perspective @

9 thoughts on “#headless13 Friends Index

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  2. Mariana

    Phew! I quickly came to see the list to make sure I was not one of your new friends who had forgotten to tell you my name. That would have been sad after all the friendly advise you have offered me since I met you. All is well, my details including the twitter are fine. And now I need to go make art to answer the difficult question you posed to the headless shrink…I may be sometime….

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, Mariana, I am getting my own #headless self organized, and so I figure it is good to expect others to do the same. But you are organized so you were all set. Plus, I need to check my True Friends form, in case there are some new applicants. Did you apply? It is only an important informality.

      Well, bye!

  3. Keren Levine

    Mind if I use your photo to start a headless106 group in Linked In? And oh, by the way. My name is 2 e’s NO a’s, K.E.R.E.N. And my Twitter is @BetsyMcC. Get it right! Oops. I mean, please, @iamTalkyTina?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, hello there Friend Keren.

      I did not mean to spell your name different from the way you spell it. It was just an honest little mistake and I hope I will get it right with NO letter A from now on. And I will call you by your Twitter name @BetsyMcC which is very different from your name but I will learn that too. It was just a bit of confusion for me. Sorry.

      As for using MY photo for a headless106 group on LinkedIn I think it would be better to have a different thing of a picture, because my photo is kind of my digital identity and it would be a confusing thing for some of my friends, especially if I joined the group and WAS the group at the same time if you know what I mean. But we could make a different picture for a headless106 LinkedIn like maybe something with a LinkedIn instead of a head.

      Plus, the other confusion is that I am NOT @cogdog and he is not me. @cogdog is a Still True Friend of mine but we are not run by the same person. He was one of the #pretenderTinas that learned their lesson in The Rumble along with that @techsavvyed guy because they were saying that they were me but they aren’t.

      Anyway, it is nice to meet you and get your Keren spelling and @BetsyMcC all straightened out so that we can be even better Friends now.

      Well, bye!

    2. iamTalkyTina Post author

      But when I look at @BetsyMcC it says Elizabeth? Is Keren short for Elizabeth? Are you confusing me on purpose? Because I am getting confusing.

      1. iamTalkyTina Post author

        Another little mystery was cleared up because the Twitter for Keren is actually @MsBetsyMcC and so I have it fixed now and Keren your proper Twitter is now on the #headless13 Friends Index! Hooray!

  4. Rochelle Lockridge (@Rockylou22)

    Hello Talky Tina,
    I think this is great you are pulling all of this together. It has already helped me to find out that I had one of my 3M people, Mark Westerham, joining the larger DS106 community. I just spoke with him and he said it’s okay to add his twitter handle to the list. @mjwesterham

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