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The world just gets easier to understand every day! I like that.

Now, along with New Friends, and True Friends, I am going to have Open Friends! So many Friends!!!

If you are a ds106 person, but are NOT a New Friend (because you are not a UMW student currently taking the class) but you ARE participating in ds106zone (Summer2013) BUT you are not yet a True Friend (or are maybe not yet ready to apply to that) you can STILL be an Open Friend. That sounds nice.  Friends are wonderful!

If you would like to become an Open Friend, here is the form.

My ds106zone Open Friends
Friend Blog Twitter Name
Ben @techsavvyed
Melanie Melanie Barker is … @indieschoollib
Rochelle RockyLou Productions ds106 Blog @Rockylou22
Paul raptn’rent @phb256
Brian Digital and Analog Storytelling @heystorytellers
David Followers of the @dkernohan
Giulia G-Log (Giulia’s Memory Palace) @giuliaforsythe
Bill byzantiumbooksds106 @byzantiumbooks
Brian @brlamb
Seth Netnography and the Hood @GoodmanSeth
Shannon Shannotate @shannotate

7 thoughts on “Open Friends Index

  1. Melanie

    You do not have many open friends. Surely there are more open participants in need of friends. One can never have too many friends. That’s what I always say.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Yes! One can never have too many friends. It has been a lot of work for my to sort out my New Friends, as they are still getting themselves established. But I know I can add some Open Friends to my list! I know that I have some Open Friends who are not on the list and they have not applied to be True Friends and they have not applied to be Open Friends and I do not really know why that is because they ARE friends and just need to apply to be Friends! So I know that I will have more Open Friends soon.

      Well, Bye! 🙂

  2. Bill Smith

    Dear Friend TalkyTina,

    Thanks for starting to fix my link on this index. It looks so nice, but when I click on it it is wrongo. Here is what the link looks like: You can see it is a mashup/run-on-sentence/no-good-nik type of a link. Here is how it is supposed to look:

    Don’t feel too bad, mistakes happen. Even Mr. Groom got a couple wrong recently.

    Have a great week,
    Bill “byzantiumbooks” Smith

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