Summer 2013 TDC Challenge

My Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) has been having a bunch of drill sergeant yammering at him and everybody else about how important it is that you get your daily summer supplement of ds106 Vitamin CRE8.

So you better get your Daily Vitamin CRE8 from The Daily Create, like me.

  • July 1st, tdc540: Write what would appear on your ingredients label (e.g. what makes up your personality)What Makes a True Friend?
  • July 2nd, tdc541: Draw something abstract out of straight lines.What I Drew with Lines
  • July 3rd, tdc542: Combine Three Great Past Leaders into One- Who is it and what are their combined characteristics?(Rusty) Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains
  • July 4th, tdc543: Multitask! Make a video of you doing three or more tasks at the same time.
  • July 5th, tdc544: Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.  • Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump and You Are the Sliver Lining in The Mean Word
  • July 6th, tdc544: Do a Backlit Portrait Photograph (e.g. into the light, make yourself a silhouette)
  • July 7th, tdc544: Make a photo pairing of your neatest and messiest spaces
  • July 8th, tdc547: Today is the Eighth of July. Make an artistic drawing using only figure eights.Are You Getting Your Daily Vitamin CRE8?
  • July 9th, tdc548: It is your 100th Birthday. Tell us a story of a crazy thing you did when you turned 90.
  • July 10th, tdc549: Redub the audio of a popular YouTube video as though it was a nature documentary.
  • July 11th, tdc550: Find 3 news stories. Use words from second paragraph of each, make 3 stanzas of 3 lines,
  • July 12th, tdc551: I’ve Been Down So Long… Take a Photo that represents the essence of Blues music.
  • July 13th, tdc552: Uh Oh, Today is the 13th. Make a video of you avoiding a superstition. • Superstitious? Nah. 
  • July 14th, tdc553: Make a detailed drawing of one of your own eyes.
  • July 15th, tdc554: Write a tabloid headline for ds106 and the opening sensational paragraph. • @iamTalkyTina is “Back in the Box”
  • July 16th, tdc555: Write a story dialogue in 5 half-twits (lines that are 70 characters each).
  • July 17th, tdc556: Make an Exercise Video for a Common Every Day Activity (e.g washing dishes).
  • July 18th, tdc557: Write a limerick about someone famous. Like really famous. • There Once was a Fellow Named Groom  • There Once was a Snake From Virginia
  • July 19th, tdc558: Yellow Like The Summer Sun. Take a photo dominated by the solar color. • Sunny Disposition
  • July 20th, tdc559: Write Your Own Tw-Obituary (your life in less than 140 characters). • Best Served Cold
  • July 21st, tdc560: Make a photo of what friendship mean to you. • Tina’s True Friends (animated GIF) Poster
  • July 22nd, tdc561: Take a photograph from the perspective of an earthworm.
  • July 23rd, tdc562: Describe a recurring dream you had as a kid. Give an update as if the dream comes back.
  • July 24th, tdc563: Create a QSL card showing reception of ds106radio.
  • July 25th, tdc564: Make a photo story that features a paper cutout character in it.
  • July 26th, tdc565: From the nearest book, write a short short story about the characters on page 42.  • Anatole on the Train
  • July 27th, tdc566: Randomly combine unused bits of video to create a surreal dream video with appropriate soundtrack.
  • July 28th, tdc567: Make a stop motion movie that brings something to life in a unique way.
  • July 29th, tdc568: Write a nonpolitical haiku about your nation’s head of state. • Tina’s Head, In StateMore Art, for Jim Slack
  • July 30th, tdc569: Video yourself singing a verse of your national anthem as fast as you can.
  • July 31st, tdc570: Take a picture of your favorite thing in the world to do, however simple or complex.

Well, my Summer 2013 Daily Create enthusiasm was curtailed somewhat by some dudes who snatched me and stuck me in some kind of cryogenic storage facility somewhere in Europe.  I was frozen in a cardboard box surrounded by Carbonite for over half the month.  Not that I’m making excuses.

But I’m back now.

MY SCORE (including some Art posted on my behalf by my bro, Todd) is 16 at the end of the month.


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