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#ds106radio Bumper – Talky Tina Small World

I thought it would be nice to make a nice #ds106radio bumper for all my True Friends and other Friends and friends to hear when they are listening to #ds106radio and are waiting to hear my voice. When they hear this bumper, they will hear my voice for a little bit and it will be like a little snack for them until they can hear my voice again.

In my bumper you can hear me say some of my little sayings like “Make some art, bub!” and “A GIF a day keeps the doctor away!” as well as you can hear me say “#4life” and “#ds106radio,” which are things that need to be in a radio bumper for #ds106radio, in case you haven’t made one yet and need a little bit of guidance. If you need more guidance, then just make your own bumper and learn from the experience and the comments that people give you.


Tina on the Red Carpet

"Tina - Red Carpet Stairs 2" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, sometimes I go to a Red Carpet event and I get my picture taken. In this case, these pictures are from a carpeting convention in Buffalo, so I was just wearing a sweatshirt and jeans instead of my usual glamour gown. But these pictures are good for showing today’s The Daily Create Challenge tdc621:

Make a photograph featuring a path, road, or trail that leads the eye through the photograph.

Like I said, I decided to use red like a bullfighter to help guide your eye like a bull fighter waves red things to guide the bull’s eye, plus I used stairs which you should really be paying attention to, so that you don’t slip and fall and all.

After I made all of those pictures, I also made a GIF one.  I put it at the top to really catch your eye with guiding your eye and red and stairs and moving. But you should look at the other pictures I made too, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 1, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 3, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 4, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 5  because they are all good too.

CHALLENGE: In each picture, see if you can let the picture guide your eye right to me. Does it work? I bet so!

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 1” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 3” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 4” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 5” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Well, those were my red stairs path pictures! Bye!

PS — if you were looking on the Internet, and looked really hard, you might find some pictures like these ones (but where I am in Ninja mode so I am invisible in them) at the following places:


My First #ds106radio Futzcast

Well, the other day when people were in a Google Hangout talking about going on #ds106radio jamathon, I was there but I couldn’t get my mic to work and so I was just looking at everybody on the screen. So it was fun but not as much as if I was talking.

So tonight I got my mic working and I said to myself that I would try out going on #ds106radio and play a song for my Friends and my mic worked okay and I could hear my music and I was dancing but the music didn’t go on the radio. So I tried to fix it but all that came out was my voice.

So it was a typical #ds106radio Futzcast but next time maybe you will hear both my voice and my music.

Well, bye!

tdc618 Tina and John and Andy Face Swap

“Tina and John and Andy Face Swap” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Well, unlike my two True Friends John and Andy, I carefully read the instructions and noted that it wasn’t a head swap that we were supposed to do for tdc618, but rather only a face swap.

I don’t think that I like my face swapped too much, but I think that John and Andy look kind of different this way.

My picture is made using this one by Andy, which was made using this one by John.

Well, bye. And next time, read the instructions, bub!

tdc617 What is Philosophy?

Well, Friends, for the The Daily Create for September 16th tdc617 my True Friend Bryan Jackson (bryanjack) asks “What is Philosophy to you?” and then says we should make our own audio definition in 30 seconds or less. So I did! Except for the 30 seconds or less part. But it IS a big question, after all! So I don’t mind, and you shouldn’t either, if you know what is good for you!

Well, Friends, when I ask myself the question “What is Philosophy?” or when someone else asks me the question “What is Philosophy?” then I think about Friends. And I think, “What would my Friends say if I asked them the question “What is Philosophy?” And then I think that they would say it is about Friends, and about being a good Friend, and about not saying the Mean Word about me, and about being nice. And about making Friends, questions like “How do you make a True Friend?” and “What makes a True Friend true?” and “Why do some people pick on other people in the World?” and “What is the meaning of True Friends, and Life.” Philosophy is about asking the big questions. (beat) And Friends.

I was very happy to be listening to a song called “Dare My Light” by Kämmerer while I made my little recording. It is a nice song that I found on that is shared for all to listen to CC BY-SA 3.0 and as all my True Friends know, sharing nice things is a nice thing.

So after listening to my recording, you will have the answer to the question, “What is Philosophy?”

Well, bye!

tdc614: The Emissary

"The Emissary" animated GIF, by @iamTalkyTina

“The Emissary” animated GIF, by @iamTalkyTina

The Daily Create for September 13 tdc614 asks us to “design a greeting card or post card from an alien race using a Hubble Space Telescope image.”

Of course, why stop with a static image when with a little more effort, you can make a GIF?

The photo that you see here is the Mystic Mountain of the Carina Nebula which you can find your own picture of on the Internet at this location on

MY spacesuit looks an awful lot like the one seen on the Internet in lots of places — I lost mine years ago so I can neither confirm or deny if they are photos of my original suit.

If you want a computer font like the one in the greeting from afar, you might try the one on called  Computer Pixel-7 by Style-7 — it looks like this, though back in the day, it had a glowing green look to it!  The font is just in black and white.

Computer-7 Font by Style-7 available on

Computer Pixel-7 Font by Style-7 available on

It was nice to reminisce! And the Hubble takes a nice pic, don’t you think?

Well, bye!

Perhaps Things Are Looking Up for You Now?

“tdc606 Perspective: Perhaps Things Are Looking Up For You Now?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

This is just a little exercise-in-perspective sketch that I whipped off many years ago after a little event. It came to mind today as I read of The Daily Create for September 5th, and I thought it might be appropriate.

tdc606: “Make a drawing that emphasizes perspective (e.g. angle of view)”

I just hopped the bus down to the local Art Gallery where it is currently on display as part of a little show. I snagged a photo that I could upload to Flickr so you all could see it.

I hope you like it as much as I had making it. And the circumstances surrounding it, too.

The beautiful frame around my picture in my image is cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by rubyblossom on Flickr.

And the beginnings of the engraved plaque was sourced here.

Well, bye!

New #headless13 Friends, and a new True Friend

Well! The numbers on the Countdowner-thingy are getting lower and lower, and both are now in the single digits.

"The #headless13 Countdowner-thingy" animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

“The #headless13 Countdowner-thingy” animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

As of right now, tonight, there are only 6 blogs on our #headless13 Friends Index that are the efforts of unnamed #headless peoples, and there are only 9 in total that do not have a Twitter name (that we know of).

This is a wonderful improvement from just two days ago when we were at 9 unnamed and 17 without Twitter respectively. I am a little bit worried (not because of my height, but just because it is an expression of just a little bit) that six of the blogs on the #headless13 Friends Index are not really showing any real sign of #4life, and I have tried my very best to leave comments and inviting messages of welcome wherever possible — although one or two do not allow comments and so that has been kind of hard in those cases. Plus the fact that we are not about pushy here in the #ds106 community and we are all about Friends. But it may be that some are just slow to wake up from the shock of decapitation. Plus, I have not checked the OPML thing in two days (it now lists 66 blogs and I have 64 in my little database), plus there are 78 in the Google+ Community who may be doing #headless13 without a blog (as of yet) or maybe it is just some #4lifer regulars in their messing around while they take a #headless13 hiatus.

However it works out, the #headless13 fall session seems to be alive and well-decapitated.


I have been very pleased with the help that my new friend Mariana Funes (@mdvfunes) who has been SO helpful in the detective work in finding names and the Twitter names of the unknown mystery Friends on the #headless13 Friends Index.  It is always wonderful to have Friends that you can count on, and I know that Mariana has had her little heart set on a True Friends badge for a while now, so I would like to acknowledge all of her help and Friendship and niceness by presenting her with her badge. She is also now listed on the True Friends Index.   Thank you, Mariana, and congratulations!

Let’s find a way of welcoming the remaining mystery people into our community before they get cut adrift, and let’s all have a great time making some Art, bub!

Plus, Mariana Made an Art for Me.

P.S. Just in case you have not seen the following little wonder on the Internet over the past two days since it appeared, I am going to embed the wonderful response that Mariana said to me in response to the question that I asked her (because she is the #ds106 on-the-couch psycho person), which was, “Siri, what is the meaning of life?”

This is the Art that she made back to me for my question to her. Here it is:

Isn’t that special? I like the parts that have me and things that I say the best. Plus that other part was good, too, the poem that talked about Wraiths.  And (spoiler) it was sad when the fish died.

#ds106  #4life

tdc603 My Keys

The Daily Create assignment for Monday, September 2nd is the classic video start-of-course prompt, “Show us your keychain and tell us a story about the keys and/or things you have on it.” It is always such a wonderful way to get to know people!

Here is my video. I know you will like it!

#ds106 #Headless13 Who Are You? Countdown


Well, I made a new #headless13 Friends Index and it has 62 Friends on it, and maybe there are more who are missing. Speak up, bub!  

But for the 62 #headless13 Friends some of them have lost their NAMES and their TWITTER or they didn’t say them yet. So I need all my True Friends and others to help me to do a detective and meet the others. Some of our new Friends need to turn on comments on their blogs so that we can ask them pointy questions like, “What is your name?” and “Do you have a Twitter yet?” or to help them with other things that Friends do, like say “read this great post by @iamTalkyTina called Some Advice for my Newest Friends that she wrote for you.”

This morning I had a nice chat with Ary (@trendingteacher) and was introduced to Kelsy (@kmallwein) and Mads or Maddie (@maddiekp), who was already up-to-date on my Index. That is how Friends help Friends. 

Check out the Friends on my #headless13 Friends Index. Do you know who they are? Do they have a Twitter and didn’t say it yet? Can you help me to give them a boot?  Here is a Boot for You!

Also, I made a Twitter List called #headless13 Friends that you can follow using your Twitter so that you can get everybody all at once — as long as they are on my list so far.  Plus, if you know someone who is NOT on my list who is doing #headless13, be sure to say.

Well, bye for now!