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My good and Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) is having a special version of DS106 Digital Storytelling Community called DS106 Storytelling Goes to Work. Because it is for working people, I will be making Friends that will be my Work Friends. And they will be listed here.

UPDATE: My Still True Friend @cogdog says that GMU people don’t HAVE to use the Twitter.
So. But Twitter is still one of the mediums that is the message, of the #ds106 narrative.

My ds106 Goes to Work Work Friends

Friend Blog Twitter Name
RCody bcoldelson
DS106 GMU Spring 2014 Blog flow for DS106 GMU Spring 2014
chronicwndrlst Chronicwnderlst
compass000 Compass000
cookiesuponwhichtomunch cookiesuponwhichtomunch
cbedross1 Digital Storytelling – A Fresh Perspective
djacks21 djacks21
cogdog DS106 Goes to Work
Escape from normal
cew5x I Haven’t a Clue What I’m Doing!
fio number1fio
Storytime Storytime
Lauren The LRo Download
youblueit youblueit

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