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GIFfight Trek Transporter

Well, everybody was doing sparkle clothes for this GIFfight, so I decided to do sparkle heads.

"GIFfight Trek Transporter" animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“GIFfight Trek Transporter” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

If you know Star Trek, then you know who the sparkle-heads are.

Plus, as one of my 2014 Non-Resolutions, I am not wasting time making GIFs work for Tumblr. MBS probably knows how he can post this to the GIFfight tumblr in a nice big size without me making it a small one.

Plus, I should say where the sparkle-heads came from.

I found them on the Internet, silly!

Well, bye!

Tina’s Stairs Redux


“Tina’s Stairs Redux” animatedGIF, by @iamTalkyTina

Well, my good Super True New Old Radio Friend @scottlo (where IS he, anyway?) has said that I need to leave off with all the stairs gags. I guess even a good running (or falling) gag runs its course after a few decades of use. It was a bit of a surprise today to find this little remake video on YouTube  — I had thought that little secret was buried in the never ending expanse of the web.

Oh well, as they say, “What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet.” 

But on the upside, as a positive NEW 2014 New Year’s real resolution (not a 2014 Non-Resolution), I have decided to dial back on the Stairs metaphor a bit in the coming year. Not completely, mind you, but a significant bit.  (I bet you will still be able to hear me think it, even if I don’t say it …)

I blame John Johnston (@JohnJohnston) (google is) and Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) for setting me on this little path today, and so, in the spirit of getting a good thing out of my system in preparation for the coming period of abstinence, (and as a final (temporary) bow in their (the stairs) direction), I present:

Stairs Are A-Z (plus, no secrets on Google)


Stair Are A-Z (plus, no secrets on Google)” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Although my final search turned up 0 results (you have to watch the GIF to the end to see that), I did manage to come across the YouTube video through some extra-advanced Tina-ninja Google digging, and so my illustration of the search is the GIF of the stair fall that appears at the beginning of this post.

I think I’ve done this autocomplete-as-a-GIF assignment before, but I wasn’t able to find it just now in the ds106 Assignment Bank. Maybe someone can help me find it?

iamTalkyTina’s 2014 Non-Resolutions

“tdc722 iamTalkyTina 2014 Non-Resolutions” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

So, The Daily Create #722 said to write resolutions about what I would NOT accomplish in 2014.

10.  I will not make it through 2014 without making new True Friends.
9.  I will not make zero animated GIFs in 2014.
8.  I will not let Tumblr hobble my Art with their silly unpublished rules.
7.  I will not forget about the unicorns and the rainbows. Plus, Jim Groom.
6.  I will not always travel via shipping container. I will take some pics of me travelling in the open.
5.  I will not make jokes about The Stairs all of the time. Just some of the time.
4.  I will not make a True Friends badge for @VivienRolfe in 2014 (because I made it in 2013!)
3.  I will not have an Art Lack. I will make Art, bub.
2.  I will not say the mean word. I challenge you to do the same, especially about me.
1.  I will NOT forget about ds106. I mean, how could you, ever? It is #4life.

That is my list of things!
Plus, it is kind of a retrospective, too. I hope you have fun making your own Art List.

See you in 2014, Friends!
Well, bye!