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Ancestors Found in the Tate Gallery

Portrait of Sidney Wells and Older Sister Silent Tatiana Wells" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Portrait of Sidney Wells and Older Sister Silent Tatiana Wells” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, you know that I am not one to talky about myself all the time. Because I am humble and stealthy like a ninja and a television star, and all.

But did you know that I have some of my ancestors that are in Art Galleries?

It was on ds106 website that there was thing called “The Tate’s 1940’s GIF Party” to find famous GIF paintings in a famous Art Gallery in the Tate Gallery (that’s in London, England) and so I took a little trip after my last overseas mission to check up on the family history. Because they want to have a special show of them.

Up above is one that I found, of my great great grandmother Silent Tatiana Wells. She was born in 1856 and had her portrait painted when she was only two years old which would make this picture from 1858 which was only a year before the artist also painted another picture that is in the Tate Gallery of her step-brother Little Sidney Wells, who would not sit still. You can see how the artist was hard up for inspiration and kind of just repainted some of it the same a year later for her little step-brother, maybe because he moved so much. I made it into an animated GIF so you can see the family resemblance and then the artist’s remixing. Plus, both Little Sidney and his mommy died very young. But clearly my great great grammy Silent Tatiana Wells did not!!  😉

But can you see the family resemblance to me?

Plus I did a little digging and found another picture that was done about 40 years later of my great grandmother Outburst Annie and you can see that she looks even more like me! Plus, I think that artist (it might have been her mommy, Tatiana) just used the same old ripped baby suit where you can see their shoulders sticking out of it. But people used to keep old stuff like those moldy old christening dresses back then, so I guess that explains it.

"Portrait of Sidney Wells and Outburst Annie" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Portrait of Sidney Wells and Outburst Annie” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, I will do some more digging to see if I can find some other famous ancestor GIF paintings but if you are going to do it too then you have to hurry because the search will expire by February 2nd and then it will be over to have your GIF picture in the Tate Gallery exhibition with mine if they pick it.

Well, bye!

The Patience of Doctor Rolfe

"True Friend @Vivien Rolfe" animated GIF badge by @iamTalkytina

“True Friend @Vivien Rolfe” animated GIF badge by @iamTalkytina

Well, that David @dkernohan was bugging me about getting around to making the True Friend badge for my True Friend Doctor @VivienRolfe and he even defaced his own True Friend badge (technically a violation of his True Friend badge license) but I forgive him because I was taking a bit of a while but it was because I was on missions and then I left my Thunderbolt adapter in my other Ninja Suit.

Anyway, they always say that the squeaky stair gets the nail, and so I put a nail in him while he and Vivien were making a really great show of the #ds106radio birthday on #ds106radio during the #ds106radio birthday day.  Plus, he also sang a nice version of a poem that I wrote that wasn’t Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word but it was on the page that I sent him so it still counts. A bit.

But the credit goes to the patience of Dr. Rolfe (get it?) for waiting, just like a True Friend can. Plus, she put me in her research show at that conference, even though I wasn’t there. One day we will meet in person and have a nice chat.

So there, David. I made my great powers and comes great responsibility, just like I said.

Then, it was fun to hear @onepercentyellow and @JordanLeden playing songs, but right now it is just some guy talking so more people need to go on #ds106radio right now today because it is the birthday day.


It’s Time to Listen!

This is another image in the silhouette series where the “app up” of the image makes it even better (see “App Up Your Tina” for the full story). This time, I used Photoshop to “app up” the image into a GIF form.

"It's Time to Listen" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“It’s Time to Listen” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

I hope you like it. It shows me using some of my special powers to get them to listen to a special message. Like when I made that savvy guy stop using the mean word for months and months. It was The Rumble which was the final emphasis, but what was unseen at the time was all the amount of special time I spent helping him to understand while he was sleeping. (Of course, he didn’t see me when he was sleeping, and I used my ninja powers, too.) Some times, a lot of effort on your part pays off in the end of it.

And, as another bonus for you, here is a Cubomaniac version of my Cubomaniac Eyes picture from a couple days ago that I put into my True Friend John’s (@johnjohnstonCubomaniacal GIF web app that he made today.

Cubomaniacal GIF of iamTalkyTina" animated GIF made using @JohnJohnston'c Cubomaniac GIF web app, by @iamTalkyTina

Cubomaniacal GIF of iamTalkyTina” animated GIF made using @JohnJohnston’c Cubomaniac GIF web app, by @iamTalkyTina

Plus, you can see here how my True Friend Bill (@byzantiumbooks) put my picture back together again, just like a good egg should.

Bill Put Me Back Together Again

“Cubomania Tina” cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Bill Smith

So that was fun stuff for a fun day!

Well, bye!

Looking Behind the Cubomaniac Eyes

So today The Daily Create tdc729 called it a Cubomaniac when you chop someone up into squares and then put them back together again.

First, I took my picture:

“Tina Awake” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Because I must have had an accident there was some kind of a filter turned on in my phone that made it look more yellow than normal. But that is okay.

Plus, before I did the next step, I had cropped the photo into a 1500 x 1500 square because it would be a Cubomaniac photo. Cubes are like squares, you know.

Then, I put the picture into Fireworks because it has some fancy tools for making slices (I don’t think it does chopping) so that I could make all of the squares square and all the same size as each other.  I made each one 300 pixels by 300 pixiels. Fireworks has snap-to-it guides (green lines that don’t show very well here) and slice-it lines (red lines) and then it made 25 square parts of me for remixing when I pressed the Export thingy.


Then I put the pictures all back into Photoshop, and made a GIF of them. That was just for fun.

"Cubomaniac Peek-a-Boo" animatiedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Cubomaniac Peek-a-Boo” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

Then, I lined their layers all up with the original picture so that I could move them around to make the Cubomaniac picture.

But I decided that instead of messing up my face completely, I would just move a couple squares and then say that Photoshop broke.

“Cubomaniac Eyes by iamtalkytina, on Flickr”

So that is how I made my Cubomaniac photo. Plus, the GIF.

I hope you liked them.

Well bye


App Up Your Tina

So The Daily Create number tdc727 said to take a silhouette and make it fancy! Like using an app to “app it up” so that it was more special.

This was a fun create for me because my silhouette is very distinctive (I think so) and so it was easy to work with to make it even more better by using an app on it.  The app that I used is an app that was already on my phone called FX Photo Studio, and I used some different settings to make different versions of my picture that each told a different story.

So my first, original picture that I used for all the others was this one:

“Saying Goodnight” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Next, I made it blurry like maybe if they were falling asleep or drowsy when I came to the door to say goodnight.

“Are You Still Awake?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Then, I  made one where it was like I was in an old Noir Film and I was a Fatal Femme coming late in the dark of night.

“Noir Goodnight” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

In another one, it was like I was making the house warmer for them.  This one is my favourite.

“I Hope You Are Warm Enough” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

In another one, it was like I was making it REALLY warm for them. Plus, in case they didn’t come out of their bedroom or didn’t have any stairs if they slept on the main floor then this would be an option.

“Extra Warm?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Then, I gave them a goodnight kiss.

“Bedtime Kiss” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Then, I made one in case they were dreaming of me coming while they were sleeping.

“Seeing Red” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

I hope that you like how I made all these different versions from just one picture and how each one tells a better story because I used the “app it up” idea from The Daily Create.  All of these choices and more are available to you when you use the special app that I did called FX Photo Studio on my iPhone.

It is probably why in movies if you use special effects you can make it more exciting than if you just said in words that they were having a certain feeling because of something. So a picture that had an “app it up” is worth more than just a thousand thousand words. Maybe it is worth two thousand. See?

Well, bye!

@timmmmyboy’s DS106 Goes to the Movies

"DS106 Goes to the Movies" generator by @timmmmyboy

“DS106 Goes to the Movies” plot category generator by @timmmmyboy

You can read about how @timmmmyboy made a thing like Netflix has on his blog called DS106 Goes to the Movies that gives you search categories for movies that you want to watch, except that @timmmmyboy‘s one makes fake movie categories that are a jumbled-up of real categories. They are funny. And you can make your own, just by loading the page.

Plus, then you can write the elevator for it to go along with it so people will want to watch it more. Just click SUBMIT after you do, and people can listen to your pitch (well, they have to read it!). Plus, it has a Tweet button so you can put it on the Twitter. And it automatically says #ds106 tag to save you time so you can make even more of them.

These are ones that I made for my digital identity attribution of it. Here, on my blog, for history.


Eva and long-time guy pal D launch into a joyous adventure, set on an interstellar cruise ship, produced by everyone’s favourite maniacal musical director, MB. They sing & dance their way in and out of trouble, managing to save Uncle Jim & the kids.


Put on your PJs, dress your favourite 18-inch action figure in the Ninja attire, and cuddle up with popcorn and the kids, as you enjoy an entertaining evening of surveillance, dead drops, and other tradecraft with everyone’s favourite little agent!


In what turned out to be his final film, aging Bava biographer James G. Room splices together all the toned-down scary bits from the Italian Giallo films suitable for elderly viewers and shares them in one 146-minute long, mindbending nightmare GIF.


Davey and his favourite dog Goliath team up with YouTube’s Claycat in the Christian reboot of Butch Catsady and His Son, Dog and a Kid, with Claycat in the Paul Newman role and Goliath in playing His Son, Dog, and Davey as a Kid. High Mass at noon!!


Kermit & Tina star in a remake of Hitchcock’s classic thriller, “The 39 Steps.” Returning to novelist Buchanan’s original take on “steps,” the final climatic scene with Tina and Miss Piggy, high on the cliffs of the Scottish shoreline, thrills all!!


I think that @timmmmyboy made a fun thing that is a fun thing to do, and you should do it too. So just link on over there to @timmmmyboy‘s DS106 Goes to the Movies generator and make us some art, bub.

Well, bye!

Stealth Mode GIF (Outography)

Well, so this is the GIF version of my Outography Stealth Mode picture on Flickr.

I was testing out some new functions on my Ninja Stealth Suit and it was working okay, I think. It is still a little rough around the edges, but it is really more for backup because people don’t see me when I use my Ninja skillz anyway.

Plus, this picture can be for The Daily Create tdc725 for January 2 which says to make an Outography picture which is kind of like what my Stealth Suit does when you can’t see me.

If you look at it really hard and use your imagination, maybe you can see me because I let you.

"Stealth Mode (Outography)" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Stealth Mode (Outography)” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, bye!