Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. Bava

Mr. Bava said I looked too young for the role.

Unpublished still from my screen test for Mario Bava's "Black Sunday" (1960).

Unpublished still from my screen test for Mario Bava’s “Black Sunday” (1960).

I’ve heard that for my entire career in show biz.

Granted, this gal has certainly aged well. Some would say that I have a timeless look. And that’s always nice to hear. But always hearing “too young” gets on my nerves sometimes.

“You’re not what we’re looking for.”
“You’re too wholesome”
“Your cute dimples tell everyone you’re a good girl, and we’re looking for someone with a more sinister look.”

I don’t think it was my height, because that wouldn’t be nice not to cast people just based on that.

But I kept hearing that “too young”, over and over, in the early sixties.

And then I got my big break on that Twilight Zone episode, and I decided to really put my all in to that role — and look what it got me.

Typecast. Typecast as the evil-little-doll-girl that kills.

At least I made some nice friends during that screen test. Demon and Alistair let me ride them around the set, and helped me get to the craft table before everyone else for all the yummy goodies during the break.

Ah, memories.

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