Apply To Be a True Friend

Do you want to be my True Friend?  If you ARE one of my True Friends, I will make you a badge.

Due to recent increases in applications and other rude circumstances, we have had to tighten up our recruitment parameters.

Applicants for certification under the sanctioned Talky-Tina Official Internet Web Badges of Authenticity Program now must meet the following expectations:

  1. Meet every single one of the very important items identified on my Some Advice for My Newest Friends post, and more.
  2. Complete an animated GIF successfully to my exacting specifications.
  3. Fill out the following form and pass my stringent standards of quality.

And then I will make you a True Friend and make you your very own True Friend Badge. You will be so proud!  (iamTalkyTina reserves the right to waive any of the expectations listed above if she deems it appropriate and fair under her own discretion. You do not have a right to appeal her judgement. Too bad. But she is VERY NICE!)

And 4. You had better be following me on Twitter (i am @iamTalkyTina)so I can send you your Badge after I make it. The nerve! Imagine applying to be a True Friend and you don’t even follow someone on Twitter. If I hadn’t already spent time making the badge, I would make you re-apply.

And 5. Agree, both in principle, and in action, to be respectful of the True Friend status, and NOT use The Mean Word in conjunction with any contexts in which I am also mentioned.

Apply Here. And good luck! 

I thank you for applying, but Only True Friends will be contacted and provided with their official badge.

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