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What Colour Is This Dress Thing

Well, I saw this on the Internet, and I guess it has become a bit of a thing.

Peoples are saying that the dress is blue and black when you look at it but it really is white and gold I think.

You can look at this for yourself and you can see for yourself.

What colours of it do you see?

A Picture of That Dress

A Picture of That Dress

So there.

A Badge for Ol’ Hatchet Jack

Some mean fellows have been bothering my Friend, ol’ Hatchet Jack, and ol’ Hatchet Jack is saying that he needs some help. These fellows are saying that he can’t squat in the snow drift any more or something, but they don’t understand that that is part of who he is, and that it’s not his fault he’s frozen.

Ol’ Hatchet Jack has lost his official documentation (I don’t think they were making Birth Certificates back when he was born, it was a while ago, but I won’t tell) and so I made him a Badge.

Ol' Hatchet Jack's Badge, by iamTalkyTina (you leave him alone, you meanies!)

Ol’ Hatchet Jack’s Badge, by iamTalkyTina (you leave him alone, you meanies!)

It says, BACK OFF, bub.

I watch out for my friends, and I’m watching over Ol’ Hatchet Jack.

If you bother with my Friends, then I don’t like you. In fact, if you bother my Friends, then I think I hate you. Very much.  I won’t say any more than that here in public, because I’m a nice girl now. But you know what I would say, don’t you? So you have been warned.