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Can You See Me Now, Bub?

"Can You See Me Now, Bub?" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina for GIFfight!

“Can You See Me Now, Bub?” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina for GIFfight!

For the GIFfight, “The Man With No Eyes,” it has a picture of a sunglasses face. And maybe the man wearing the sunglasses can’t see very well in the sun. So it is hard for him to understand communication, which is his failure.

So when the Terminator comes along, he puts on his glasses so the other guy will be able to see him in the eyes better to communicate you better get out of my way, bub. Because Arnie doesn’t use stairs, he uses stares.

Well, bye!

Plus, I had a bit of an Art Lack, like UNCLE Jim Groom (@jimgroom) did, but this GIFfight was a good one so I did it as soon as I saw it!