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August 2013 GIF Challenge #6: Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF

"Tina's Temporary Difficulties" animated GIF, by iamTalkyTina

“Tina’s Temporary Difficulties” animated GIF, by iamTalkyTina

Well. You all know that I’ve been having a little trouble recently with a former “colleague”, and that it caused a bit of an interruption in my ds106 participation in the second half of July. You likely also know that I will be taking steps shortly to resolve the situation once and for all. (Reading between the lines, I’m going to be busting out of this cardboard box/ice/Carbonite prison and hitting the road. Christina and Scottlo, I’ll soon be on my way!!)

At any rate, I know from my PsychicSiri connection that the Hippy Hosting was having a few growing pains recently, and that Bluehost company was making life difficult for a couple of our ds106 colleagues a couple days back, so I thought that it would be prudent for evertyone to get their blog set up and ready for those moments when somethings not quite right and you need let folks know that you are on the ball and working behind the scenes to make things right.

So this GIF challenge, courtesy of Andrew Forgrave, is the Animated GIF Assignment 911 : Sophisticate Your Own, Personal “Under Construction” GIF. Try to think of what you would like folks to see if they hit a broken link, or if they encounter a 404 error or something that just isn’t working.

In addition to posting your GIF in a post so we can all see it, dig into your blog settings and see if you can set it up so that the GIF will show if someone runs into something unintended.
Let us test it out by including a fake/broken link in your post, like this one blahblah.