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August 2013 GIF Challenge #11: Get Your Wiggle on, with Friends!

"Get Your Wiggle On, with Friends" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Get Your Wiggle On, with Friends” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Another kind of GIF that you can do for 3D is to make a Stereo Wigglegram GIF. That is where you make a GIF out of two pictures that are almost the same except they are taken from two slightly different angles (like when you eyes see something like with binoculars and so your brain puts them together into one picture but it has a 3D to it) and so when the wiggle happens back and forth you see both pictures but your brain kind of puts them together and you get a Wiggle.

So here is one that I made of me standing in front of the all my True Friends picture that my brother Todd (@iamTalkyTodd)made for me and got plak mounted for me so that I can see all of my True Friends at the one time when I look at it.

In the Wigglegram, I made it so that the edges of the True Friends picture pretty much lined up, and that makes ME being the part of the picture doing the wiggle.

Another way to line it up is to make your thing at the front be the thing that lines up and then that makes the backgrounds different and the background is the part of the picture doing the wiggle. But normally that kind of background Wiggle makes me more dizzy than if it is the front part of the picture doing the wiggle.

"Twitchy Friends" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Twitchy Friends” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

The big one up at the top makes it look like I am dancing! Boogie down Tina.

This kind of GIF is known as Visual Assignment 352: Wiggle Stereoscopy here in the assignment bank, and was put into the ds106 Assignment Bank by Bill Genereux. It is a fun and easy kind of GIF that you can make super quick using just two pictures and you don’t need to do anything fancy like fancy layers or anything. There is even an app that you can use on your iPhone to make it called 3D Camera by Juicy Bits. And that app can also make your picture into a kind of 3D picture with cyan and magenta that you look at with those blue and red glasses like the Count Floyd kind that he likes. But that is not a GIF so it is a different one.

So make some more Art, bub, like a Stereo Wigglegram GIF, or a Monster Chiller Horror Theatre 3D GIF, or especially a Rainbows and Unicorns GIF to help the ds106.us servers keep in their happy place!