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A Valentine Controversy from 1965

Jeb's Telescopefrom Hatchet Jack

Jeb’s Telescope
from Hatchet Jack

Hatchet Jack posted a Valentine Book cover yesterday that sent my little mind whirling decades back to the sixties. The book, entitled “Jeb’s Telescope,” and written by “Remington Montana,” was very clearly a re-release of a very controversial novel that I encountered way back in 1965.

While the newer cover is in colour, and the title clearly refers to the key plot features of the original (and even the author name is clearly an updated pseudonym), the implications inherent in the original release have been clearly toned down to get the book safely onto to the book shelves and get money out of the book-buyers’ pocket books.

It took me a good day of scrounging around to find a copy of the earlier, release but compare Hatchet Jack’s find above with this:


Original cover (1965) of “The Gathering at Bushnell Falls” (Animated GIF)

I recall a lot of furor in the news when this book first came out. People really raised their eyebrows at the word “Gathering” in the title.  There were lawsuits from manufacturers of optical devices. There was a mitigating attempt to re-issue the book with a more accurate and less stimulating and legally provocative title, “The Five Evil Brothers at Bushney’s Falls.”   But it was all to no avail. The book was pulled, the author moved out of state (perhaps to Montana?), and everyone forgot about it.

To see that the book was re-released later, after all that spectacle (did you see what I did there?), with the relatively passive title “Jeb’s Telescope,” just goes to show how much folks still judge a book by its cover.

Speaking of which, I hope you are are seeing me in a new light, now that I am out of that old musty cardboard box and taking some time to work at helping folks see me as I truly want to be seen. Perhaps you have been enjoying my newly-updated publicity photo, my very first piece of voice work for ds106radio, and my Valentine shared for all of you yesterday.

I am still waiting for comments to float my way. I currently only have one measly pingback — and it is from myself (although those self-links I just added above should get me more).

I do trust that all my new friends here at ds106 aren’t too busy to pay me a little attention. You know that real Friends don’t forget one another.

That would be a sad thing. Andbad thing. Very bad.

Valentine Friends are Forever, … Aren’t They??

“Friends Forever, … or just for Life?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

I was so happy when I read that my good and dear friend Alan (@cogdog)was encouraging us all to share our Valentine love! The ds106 “Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge.” by SaraK (cali4beach) is just wonderful! I am so looking forward to receiving your Valentine’s Day greetings!

I found this special picture in cali4beach‘s Flickr set (as per the assignment directions), and then searched high and low for hours, looking for just the right fonts. By searching using the terms “free fonts romantic” I was finally able to settle on two — Blessed Day font (by Billy Argel, for personal use only) and Precious (by Bolt Cutter Design , commercial-use friendly), both shared on fontspace.com. Aren’t they nice fonts? They are very friendly, and oh-so-romantic, too. Just wonderful for my special friends!!

After importing the image into Photoshop, and working to fit my title “Friends Forever” into the upper left corner, I decided I needed some extra space, and so I increased the Canvas Size (upwards and to the left, by clicking the cell in the lower right corner to fix the original image there) to gain a bit more space for a slightly larger font size and some white space for wiggle room. To fill in the left and top margins, I used primarily the Clone Stamp tool, with a bit of the Healing Brush tool, to fill and smoothen. I also gave both the girl and the boy some nice hair extensions — can you tell? I especially like the stylish skunk-streak the girl has coming out of her forehead. .

Once the background was fixed, I moved the text around, added a whole slew of fx settings to the text (bevel, emboss, inner glow, outer glow, drop shadow — the works), just to get my special fonts looking so wonderful. I stuck with pink and red — the colour of Valentine’s Day — as the primary choices. I think red has something to do with blood, and how hot it runs? Isn’t that true?

Once done, I exported my image as a 1200 pixel wide jpg — nice for looking at online — uploaded it to my new Flickr account, and then embedded a 640 pixel wide image here on my blog. I also tagged it with the proper tags, ds106, VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments931, and the assignment title, “Valentines Day Caption Challenge.” I also tagged cali4beach, Alan Levine, @cogdog, Friends Forever, card, Valentines Day, and, as always, Friends.

I hope you all like it! Happy Valentine’s Day. I will be watching my inbox and twitter account for signs of your own shared love for me.