My Good Friend, Caesar!

My Good Friend, Caesar

My Good Friend, Caesar

I was out for lunch today, and who do you think I ran into but my old friend, Caesar! We hadn’t seen one another for such a long time. We had a good opportunity to sit down and catch up!

Did you know that Caesar has a new friend? As it turns out, his last companion fell on some difficult times, and got into some trouble with the law! I don’t know what it is, but Caesar always seems to wind up picking the bad ones! When I asked him about this, he seemed to have difficulty giving me a straight answer. While it always seems to be his friends (and not him) that run afoul of the law, he really does seem to keep loosing his friends to the strangest of circumstances. I pressed him for some numbers, I understand that this is a touchy topic for him. It would seem that I’ve seen him with a new companion every year since we first met. And we go way back, to like 1964!!

I hope that things work out for him this time.

Do you like that fancy neck trick that he showed me at lunch? He’s such a character!

Caesar first came to my attention on April 10th, 1964. He had just finished a little bit of work on an episode of The Twilight Zone, entitled, “Caesar and Me.”

Maybe you and I have some mutual friends? I like friends. Perhaps you can introduce me to some of your friends from early years of television in the new ds106 Animated GIF Assignment 920, “From the Twilight Zone and Beyond …”

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