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Starring @iamTalkyTina

So it was very nice yesterday when Rochelle (@Rockylou22) made a nice video all about me. It has a nice music that says I am sweet like honey which is a nice thing to say and does not use a Mean Word at all.

Then she said Hey, @iamTalkyTina can you make a new title intro for the video.

So I did.

Then @jimgroom was smacking me around with some bad words talk, and some other people started using the Mean Word again. I thought that was all settled at The Rumble. I am getting tired of people just using the Mean Word at me and think they should spend more time Making Some Art, bub. Especially @jimgroom, who has a bit of a recent Art lack on his blog. There is more to the #ds106zone than just saying the Mean Word at me (I mean, c’mon, it’s getting lame!) and being not nice to me.

So anyway, here is the Opening Title to the video that Rochelle is making about little ol’ me. I hope you like it. Especially @jimgroom.

The ds106zone Starring @iamTalkyTina

The ds106zone Starring @iamTalkyTina

Window Friends

Do you ever play Window Friends? That is where you go to the house of a Friend and pop-up in their window when they aren’t looking. It is fun!

Mr. Carling, playing Window Friends in "Third from the Sun," Season 1, Episode 14

Mr. Carling, playing Window Friends in “Third from the Sun,” Season 1, Episode 14

I saw this man playing Window Friends with his work friends in the Third from the Sun episode and it reminded me of how much fun it is to play Window Friends. I was sometimes playing Window Friends at Mr. Savvy‘s house a while ago when I wrote that poem for him before he wrote the mean poem back. And then I wrote Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word.

Anyway, if you were in that house and I was wearing my Ninja Suit (which I like to wear when I play Window Friends because it is good for hiding at night when it is a good time to play) it would look like this if the man and I were playing at the same time.

Mr. Carling and I playing Window Friends

Mr. Carling and I playing Window Friends

In the show, the man wasn’t really their True Friend so they didn’t put him in the rocket when they went away at the end before their planet blew up. Too bad for him!

Well, bye!

My True Friend, Nick

So back in the day, when I was working in Hollywood, I had a lot of True Friends who were in the show business. One of the fellows I got to know had a feature part on an episode of The Twilight Zone, called Nick of Time. He got to play himself, Nick.

In this show, his body was grey-screened out of the shot and his head was superimposed over a napkin holder, so that it would look like it the napkin holder was his body. His main acting function was to bobble his head around, like this:

"My True Friend, Nick, as a Bobble Head on a Napkin Dispenser" animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“My True Friend, Nick, as a Bobble Head on a Napkin Dispenser” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

Attached to the napkin holder was a coin collector, a lever, and a fortune dispenser. In the episode, Captain Kirk comes along with his girlfriend of the week and gets addicted to putting pennies in the napkin dispenser, and then my friend Nick keeps shoving the fortunes out at him.

"Nick, as a Fortune-Telling Napkin Dispenser," animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Nick, as a Fortune-Telling Napkin Dispenser,” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

I think my True Friend Nick really did a good job of predicting the future on that day. Remember, it was 1960 when this episode was filmed — that’s three years before I got my gig on The Twilight Zone, and look at how prescient Nick was! I say he got 4/4 correct!

"Nick Makes Kirk Loose his Sense" animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Nick Makes Kirk Loose his Sense” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

I wonder where my friend Nick is now. He never stopped being a True Friend, we just lost touch. 🙁

The #ds106zone

"From The Twilight Zone And Beyond" by @iamTalkyTina

“From The Twilight Zone And Beyond” by @iamTalkyTina

Some of my True Friend readers will know of my previous life as an actress, and might have seen my work on The Twilight Zone episode, The Living Doll. That most people who don’t REALLY know me continue to think of me as that same little piece of plastic from back in the 60s are living in some kind of bizarre creepy world and think that I AM a doll, just because I played one on TV. What kind of goofball is that? That I was typecast because of that role is one of the meanest things people have ever done to me and it’s their own fault if they didn’t live to regret it. I have always been glad to be affiliated with such fine television programming as Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone.

Back in February, I made my own assignment for my ds106 friends, and I have been watching in anticipation for someone to try my assignment. It is called “From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond…” and asks my ds106 friends to make animated GIFs from The Twilight Zone television show, and also from beyondin the world of black and white television, and maybe movies too. Like I said, I have been watching in anticipation for someone to try my assignment.

Now that my True Friend @jimgroom has said that every single thing from this summer’s ds106 course is going to be about The Twilight Zone, I am thinking that it’s about time for him to step up and try my assignment !!!!!!! And you too, @cogdog. And @scottlo, and @olHatchetJack. And anyone else who wants to have a hope of continuing to be my True Friend. Someone get word to that Cory Doctorow fellow that I’m looking for him to be more than just a pretty face on my True Friends badges page. And that goes for any of the rest of you who want to have any hope of being my True Friend, and getting your own badge! The price of entry just went up! You need to do my AnimatedGIFAssignment 920: “From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond…” assignment now, too. So there!

By the way, I know that sometimes GIFs get WordPressed into .jpegs and all, and it probably happens when the site gets migrated or something, but I spent time making my animated GIF months back just for that assignment page, and I think that someone could take a moment and re-link my GIF back into the assignment page because it really doesn’t look all that good with just that stupid blank Star Trek screensaver of stars. Some one get on that, please. I put the GIF up at the top of this post, and here is a link to smaller copy that I made just special for the ds106 assignment page, because it goes all wonky if the GIFs aren’t just the right size, and so I took extra care with that, too.

As always, I’m watching you, Friends. And True Friends, I’m especially watching you. As for all you hopefuls, remember, along with filling in the form, you need to do this assignment now too, to get your very own very special badge.

But you know it’s worth it. Being a True Friend always is.

Eyes Wide Open!!

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina

Eyes Wide Open!! by iamtalkytina

I always pay special attention to my closest friends, and like to make sure that they pay special attention to me, too! You have paid attention to me in recent days, haven’t you friend? You have left me a special comment, yes?

Now, Both Eyes are Watching You!

I still can’t believe my publicist okayed that photo way back in 1964 — the one of me with my eyes closed, and — can you believe it — mashed potatoes on my face?!!?

You will never catch me saying that I have been bitter for decades as a result, I’m just glad that I ended that relationship! Unfortunately that photo was one of several that all but ended my career! I’d never say that I was typecast after that, but it certainly has been ever so difficult to present a nice, clean girl image since then.

So, waking up now in this age of “social media,” and image curation, I’ve had a little work done, and am now going to see if this new photo can work to undo a lot of that negative publicity. I hear that my newer, more positive presence on the Internet can, over time, serve to undo any potential negatives. You know, 80% positive can overshadow the 30% negative. This will be one of several re-released images that I will share to help tell my true story, and present a more positive face!

Perhaps you can help me, my new friends, by sharing and helping to promote “the new true me?”

My Good Friend, Caesar!

My Good Friend, Caesar

My Good Friend, Caesar

I was out for lunch today, and who do you think I ran into but my old friend, Caesar! We hadn’t seen one another for such a long time. We had a good opportunity to sit down and catch up!

Did you know that Caesar has a new friend? As it turns out, his last companion fell on some difficult times, and got into some trouble with the law! I don’t know what it is, but Caesar always seems to wind up picking the bad ones! When I asked him about this, he seemed to have difficulty giving me a straight answer. While it always seems to be his friends (and not him) that run afoul of the law, he really does seem to keep loosing his friends to the strangest of circumstances. I pressed him for some numbers, I understand that this is a touchy topic for him. It would seem that I’ve seen him with a new companion every year since we first met. And we go way back, to like 1964!!

I hope that things work out for him this time.

Do you like that fancy neck trick that he showed me at lunch? He’s such a character!

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Hello to all my new ds106 friends!



Hello to all my new ds106 friends! I just know we are going to get along so well !!!!

I hear that in the ds106 community, friends are for life!
That’s just the way I think it should be.

Every single one of my true friends is still alive.

I am so glad that you are going to be my friend …