I Think Cory Doctorow Would be A True Friend


I have been thinking a lot recently about ds106 and how it is a true community of True Friends. When my True Friend teh CogDog wrote about making Cory Doctorow art, I thought about it for a little bit and then decided that Cory Doctorow would make a good True Friend.

So I am making Cory Doctorow a True Friend.

He looks very serious and yet playful and he creates things like my other ds106 True Friends, so I think Cory Doctorow will make a good True Friend. Perhaps he will follow me on Twitter and write a comment on my blog. If not, then perhaps he will not turn out to be such a True Friend after all, but I’m sure he knows better than that. Like the rest of you.

As for writing this up in the ds106 style, I took my wonderful True Friends Official Internet Web Badge of Authenticity photoshop file, swapped out the previous photo and substituted in this image of Cory Doctorow from the FTR! For the Remix! site, scaling it down to fit. I also changed the name to say Cory Doctorow. I had to spend some time extending the length of the badge canvas size to 684 pixels and stretching the white layer downwards to match. It was an easy job, however, as I invested a lot of time upfront making the original design of the badge easily adjustable.

You, too, can become one of my True Friends. Apply today.

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