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"From The Twilight Zone And Beyond" by @iamTalkyTina

“From The Twilight Zone And Beyond” by @iamTalkyTina

Some of my True Friend readers will know of my previous life as an actress, and might have seen my work on The Twilight Zone episode, The Living Doll. That most people who don’t REALLY know me continue to think of me as that same little piece of plastic from back in the 60s are living in some kind of bizarre creepy world and think that I AM a doll, just because I played one on TV. What kind of goofball is that? That I was typecast because of that role is one of the meanest things people have ever done to me and it’s their own fault if they didn’t live to regret it. I have always been glad to be affiliated with such fine television programming as Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone.

Back in February, I made my own assignment for my ds106 friends, and I have been watching in anticipation for someone to try my assignment. It is called “From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond…” and asks my ds106 friends to make animated GIFs from The Twilight Zone television show, and also from beyondin the world of black and white television, and maybe movies too. Like I said, I have been watching in anticipation for someone to try my assignment.

Now that my True Friend @jimgroom has said that every single thing from this summer’s ds106 course is going to be about The Twilight Zone, I am thinking that it’s about time for him to step up and try my assignment !!!!!!! And you too, @cogdog. And @scottlo, and @olHatchetJack. And anyone else who wants to have a hope of continuing to be my True Friend. Someone get word to that Cory Doctorow fellow that I’m looking for him to be more than just a pretty face on my True Friends badges page. And that goes for any of the rest of you who want to have any hope of being my True Friend, and getting your own badge! The price of entry just went up! You need to do my AnimatedGIFAssignment 920: “From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond…” assignment now, too. So there!

By the way, I know that sometimes GIFs get WordPressed into .jpegs and all, and it probably happens when the site gets migrated or something, but I spent time making my animated GIF months back just for that assignment page, and I think that someone could take a moment and re-link my GIF back into the assignment page because it really doesn’t look all that good with just that stupid blank Star Trek screensaver of stars. Some one get on that, please. I put the GIF up at the top of this post, and here is a link to smaller copy that I made just special for the ds106 assignment page, because it goes all wonky if the GIFs aren’t just the right size, and so I took extra care with that, too.

As always, I’m watching you, Friends. And True Friends, I’m especially watching you. As for all you hopefuls, remember, along with filling in the form, you need to do this assignment now too, to get your very own very special badge.

But you know it’s worth it. Being a True Friend always is.

5 thoughts on “The #ds106zone

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hello, CogDog! I always read my comments! I was busy listening to the @scottlo and @jimgroom talking about the #ds106zone on the @scottlo‘s blog, and then there was a funny guy on the #ds106radio talking like The Invisible Man except he wanted to do The Invisible Hipster and it was very funny. And now, The Twilight Zone is on.

      But, THANK YOU, True Friend, for fixing my GIF. I will keep the 300px width in mind for all the future assignments that I will provide that will have animated GIF icons. It is always good to know what your friends expect so that you can help out and keep them your Friend. That is very important. Are you going to do my assignment now?

      I look forward to having playtime with the other students, and I think they like to have fun. I hear there is a mess of new Friends coming to play soon? Is that what you mean?

      Your True Friend,

  1. iamTalkyTina

    Thank you to the nice True Friend who fixed the animated GIF on my assignment page. That was a really nice thing to do. I hope you don’t think I was being bossy. ‘Cause, you know, I wasn’t being. ‘Cause I’m not.

  2. Jim Groom

    Talky Tina,

    You complete me, I have yet to put your badge on my site, but that is coming. What’s more, your commentary and now this animated GIF assignment are awesome. I think you are the beesknees, I don’t care what Telly says about you, or if he tries to dismember you in the garage. You are a true friend to the bitter end.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Mr. Groom,

      Is that knees comment about my height?

      But yes, you can put your Official Badge on your website. I know that it isn’t there yet. Only my True Friend johnjohnston has put up his badge so far. But yes, you can be a True Friend #4life. Time will tell if you will be a True Friend #4ever. But I hope so. Because you are kind of nice, too.


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