What Makes a True Friend?

@iamTalkyTina Ingredients

@iamTalkyTina Ingredients

Well, today’s The Daily Create asked for a list of the ingredients that go into making what you are, and so I had to look at my label (do not remove until delivered to the customer) to see what goes into making me.

But I think that all of my True Friends would be able to say what was inside me and what goes into making me without even looking at my label and it is just a formality for me to share it with everyone here.

But just for the record, I am 100% True Friend ingredients, made up of all the best things that you would ever want in a friend, or a True Friend, or a Super True Friend, or a Still True Friend, or a New Friend, or an Open Friend, or a Real Friend.

So it was a good assignment for The Daily Create, and just goes to show everyone yet again that I am all good and am not like all those other people were saying about me all the time. They should just get over that, bub. 

Or read the label, sometimes, you might actually learn something!

Well, Bye!


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