The August Animated GIF Challenge

@iamTalkyTinaHulka challenges you to an awesome August Animated GIF-a-Day. Are you up to it?

@iamTalkyTinaHulka challenges you to an August Animated GIF-a-Day. Are you up to it?

So the fall section of ds106 will be starting in a few short weeks. August 26th to be exact.

During my time observing and then participating in the ds106 Community, it has become apparent to me that each session of ds106 seems to be prefaced by a period of manic GIFfing by various members of the community. And since I have so many Friends here now, I thought it would be fun to contribute to the mania.

So I’m going to do my own little @iamTalkyTinaHulka and challenge you folks to GIF your way through August. Do you think you can do that? A Daily GIF? I’m wondering if @jimgroom will crawl back from his hideaway and make some inroads on that Art Lack of his. Maybe he can do one a week?

I’ve just poked my little eyes through the ds106 Assignment Bank Animated GIF section, and see that there are already 38 GIF assignments there — and there are no doubt some other, older GIF assignments squirrelled away in some of the other categories, too. So I think I’ll have no problem finding some inspiration when I need it, and will rely on my natural imagination the rest of the time.

Each day I will post the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge here on my blog, and will aggregate the challenges on the August 2013 Animated GIF Challenge page. Each one will be defined in the Assignment Bank — either as an existing assignment or as a new assignment. Just post your contribution to your blog and tag it as usual so that it will syndicate into the Assignment Bank and we can all enjoy them long into the future as examples of wonder, archived for all the future GIFfers. Whoo Hoo! 

I’m going to create a new Animated GIF Assignment for August 1st, but I will post it separately from this post so that it can stand as its own item. And I’ll create another variation of my @iamTalkyTinaHulka animated GIF for it. So that will put me at two for day one. (Did you notice that my @iamTalkyTinaHulka image above was animated? Look closely!

I hope that you will play along! It is so much more fun doing ds106 assignments (they are so much fun, they AREN’T assignments!) when Friends do them too — and riff off of them!  So be a Friend, and play!

10 thoughts on “The August Animated GIF Challenge

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    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hi there True Friend Rochelle!

      Yes — I realized after the fact that it was quite subtle. In fact, I originally used the Colour Replacement Tool for everything but the eyes, and then, as an experiment, duplicated my face and colourized one eye, to see if it added to the image. It did, but the original black and white eyes were kind of spooky, too. Of course, with one eye colourized, there was nothing to do but colourize the other on another layer, and then colourize both on a third, and then gif the whole thing.

      Actually — the subtle nature of the eyes had me considering a gif which would have had my whole face changing from the original black and white to the Hulk(a) Green — but that would have meant a lot of backsteps in the Photoshop file and it was plenty early enough in the day (around 5 am) already and I needed to get my beauty sleep. So I ixnayed that.

      But yeah — the Colour Replacement Tool in Photoshop has been a miracle, once I figured out how to use it. For someone like me, who has a naturally colourless complexion, it has come in handy numerous times.

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