Less Smacktalk, More Art

I think this little conversation says it all …



After that, Mr. @jimgroom then linked to a video called Who Made Who with bad words and people blowing up trucks with rockets and stuff. It was very violent.

UPDATE: After a little bit of work, I made a little response: Tina Made Groom

UPDATE 30 June: After I posted Tina Made Groom, there was a bit of an Internet Pause, while I’m sure @jimgroom was taken aback (I could hear his intake of breath from here, and I know he felt a chill run up his spine at least three times) and then he capitulated and said UNCLE.

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says "UNCLE"

Now so-designated UNCLE @JimGroom says “UNCLE”

In recognition of this humbling moment for him, and to help him keep in his place in future times, I have updated his badge with the UNCLE status badge, as a reminder against further grumbling and challenges. I think now UNCLE @jimgroom will be a respectful True Friend to me. That is good!

And NOW, c’mon Friends, let’s just Make Some Art, bub! 


7 thoughts on “Less Smacktalk, More Art

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    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hi Mr. Paul.

      But I don’t think that just a link to a video that someone else made with bad words and blowing up trucks is Art. I think Mr. Groom can do a better Art than that, bub.

      But it did give me an idea ….

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