Looking Behind the Cubomaniac Eyes

So today The Daily Create tdc729 called it a Cubomaniac when you chop someone up into squares and then put them back together again.

First, I took my picture:

“Tina Awake” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Because I must have had an accident there was some kind of a filter turned on in my phone that made it look more yellow than normal. But that is okay.

Plus, before I did the next step, I had cropped the photo into a 1500 x 1500 square because it would be a Cubomaniac photo. Cubes are like squares, you know.

Then, I put the picture into Fireworks because it has some fancy tools for making slices (I don’t think it does chopping) so that I could make all of the squares square and all the same size as each other.  I made each one 300 pixels by 300 pixiels. Fireworks has snap-to-it guides (green lines that don’t show very well here) and slice-it lines (red lines) and then it made 25 square parts of me for remixing when I pressed the Export thingy.


Then I put the pictures all back into Photoshop, and made a GIF of them. That was just for fun.

"Cubomaniac Peek-a-Boo" animatiedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Cubomaniac Peek-a-Boo” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

Then, I lined their layers all up with the original picture so that I could move them around to make the Cubomaniac picture.

But I decided that instead of messing up my face completely, I would just move a couple squares and then say that Photoshop broke.

“Cubomaniac Eyes by iamtalkytina, on Flickr”

So that is how I made my Cubomaniac photo. Plus, the GIF.

I hope you liked them.

Well bye


2 thoughts on “Looking Behind the Cubomaniac Eyes

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Super true friend! This is so cubist! I like that you just did the eyes because that makes it interesting like something weird happened to your eyes not just all of you. Like maybe you spent too long staring at mean people and they messed up your eyes but then they go back right again when the mean people go away. Or maybe just Photoshop broke, like you said.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Plus if they are ALL of the squares mixed up, then it is hard to see my smile! And that is a good thing you said about how when they say the Mean Word maybe the bother of it shows on my face. I didn’t see that before in a mirror, but it sure is a bother when they say that, so who knows.

      It is nice to hear from you Super True Friend. Maybe you will make some more Art, too.


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