The Patience of Doctor Rolfe

"True Friend @Vivien Rolfe" animated GIF badge by @iamTalkytina

“True Friend @Vivien Rolfe” animated GIF badge by @iamTalkytina

Well, that David @dkernohan was bugging me about getting around to making the True Friend badge for my True Friend Doctor @VivienRolfe and he even defaced his own True Friend badge (technically a violation of his True Friend badge license) but I forgive him because I was taking a bit of a while but it was because I was on missions and then I left my Thunderbolt adapter in my other Ninja Suit.

Anyway, they always say that the squeaky stair gets the nail, and so I put a nail in him while he and Vivien were making a really great show of the #ds106radio birthday on #ds106radio during the #ds106radio birthday day.  Plus, he also sang a nice version of a poem that I wrote that wasn’t Tina Don’t Like the Mean Word but it was on the page that I sent him so it still counts. A bit.

But the credit goes to the patience of Dr. Rolfe (get it?) for waiting, just like a True Friend can. Plus, she put me in her research show at that conference, even though I wasn’t there. One day we will meet in person and have a nice chat.

So there, David. I made my great powers and comes great responsibility, just like I said.

Then, it was fun to hear @onepercentyellow and @JordanLeden playing songs, but right now it is just some guy talking so more people need to go on #ds106radio right now today because it is the birthday day.


2 thoughts on “The Patience of Doctor Rolfe

  1. dkernohan

    Hello Tina – thank you for making my friend very happy. I’m sorry I had to be a bit rude to you to get you to finish it, but I’m glad that you did. I will undeface my badge today and hope we can be proper TRUE Friends again that help each other.

    Well, bye!

  2. Viv Rolfe

    I was so thrilled to wake up today to find I have a new friend and a bright shiny badge. I hope we will be good friends, and I promise I’ll never do anything unkind such as threatening to push you down the stairs. In the words of the song…

    “Who’s always eager to extend
    A friendly claw?
    That’s what friends are for”


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