Being Number 2

Village ID Card, 1966.

Village ID Card, 1966.

Although I can’t say too much for reasons of contractual obligations and professional confidentiality, I have been asked by The Office to share a couple of audio resources which may serve as useful examples and resources for #prisoner106 folks who have arrived this summer in The Village.  Plus, this is Audio Week and all.

The first is a previously unreleased recording of a conversation between me and an unnamed Resident that has been preserved for years now in the Archives. This conversation of mine has become a key component of the Official Training Package for those new to the role of Number 2. It really is quite astounding (and flattering) to know that this one little sample has provided such a strong model for Administrators of The Village, especially when there is such turnover within the role and the same questions for them seem to come up time and time again.

The second component from the Training Package is a “blank” or “practice” version from which I have removed my voice, leaving the original questions with the appropriate spaces available for incoming or incumbent Number 2’s to practice their responses until they get it right. Especially important is the need for a Number 2 to speak with authority, certainty, and yet infuse their own unique personality so as to build a solid working rapport with the Resident in question.

In the spirit of Free Information and Learning, the current Number 2 has encouraged the Village Registrar to now make these files available to current Residents via the Archive. As part of our original Memorandum of Agreement, public release of these files by The Village provides me with a similar freedom to make them available myself. And so I will.

Note, however, that I am neither able speak about the conditions under which the files were originally recorded, nor about the nature of my relationship with The Village at the time, nor at this time, nor at any other.

#BeSeeingYou !!


2 thoughts on “Being Number 2

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Oh wow, STF, I just now, from your Tina is Number 2 file, got the whole “you are number 6” thing. You put a little pause in there and I got it. After watching 6 episodes already I finally got it!

    Thank you for sharing the useful Number 2 audio files! Maybe I will pretend to be number 2 in an audio way.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, you are good to pick up on that. I think that a lot of the confusion that maybe existed for Number Six came from the fact that when the Registrar man was typing up the practice sheets for the Number 2 Training Kit scripts, there was a broken “,” on his typewriter, and so instead of saying “You are, Number Six” the text just read “You are Number Six” and so when all those different Number 2’s were trying to answer the question over and over in all those times, they said it the way they had practiced it in the script, but without the little pause in there from the comma, it didn’t really make any sense, and so maybe that is why that Number Six kept getting so mad all the time.

      I mean, that maybe could be it. 😉


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