Calling All you #pretenderTinas

The Episode: LoDown #34
The Date: Saturday, June 22
The Event: @iamTalkyTina Takes on ALL #pretenderTinas

Submit your best #pretenderTinas Tina audio by 6 pm GMT Friday, June 21.
upload to:    password: pretenderTinas

Tune in for a LIVE LoDown Broadcast on #ds106radio on Saturday, June 22 (time TBA) to hear ME, the one and only @iamTalkyTina, take on all you bogus #pretenderTinas. 

You won’t want to miss this event, as all will be revealed, and the TRUE identity of @iamTalkyTina will be made clear!

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina


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