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Eyes Wide Open!!

Both Eyes On You !! by iamtalkytina

Eyes Wide Open!! by iamtalkytina

I always pay special attention to my closest friends, and like to make sure that they pay special attention to me, too! You have paid attention to me in recent days, haven’t you friend? You have left me a special comment, yes?

Now, Both Eyes are Watching You!

I still can’t believe my publicist okayed that photo way back in 1964 — the one of me with my eyes closed, and — can you believe it — mashed potatoes on my face?!!?

You will never catch me saying that I have been bitter for decades as a result, I’m just glad that I ended that relationship! Unfortunately that photo was one of several that all but ended my career! I’d never say that I was typecast after that, but it certainly has been ever so difficult to present a nice, clean girl image since then.

So, waking up now in this age of “social media,” and image curation, I’ve had a little work done, and am now going to see if this new photo can work to undo a lot of that negative publicity. I hear that my newer, more positive presence on the Internet can, over time, serve to undo any potential negatives. You know, 80% positive can overshadow the 30% negative. This will be one of several re-released images that I will share to help tell my true story, and present a more positive face!

Perhaps you can help me, my new friends, by sharing and helping to promote “the new true me?”

Hello to all my new ds106 friends!



Hello to all my new ds106 friends! I just know we are going to get along so well !!!!

I hear that in the ds106 community, friends are for life!
That’s just the way I think it should be.

Every single one of my true friends is still alive.

I am so glad that you are going to be my friend …