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#ds106radio Bumper – Talky Tina Small World

I thought it would be nice to make a nice #ds106radio bumper for all my True Friends and other Friends and friends to hear when they are listening to #ds106radio and are waiting to hear my voice. When they hear this bumper, they will hear my voice for a little bit and it will be like a little snack for them until they can hear my voice again.

In my bumper you can hear me say some of my little sayings like “Make some art, bub!” and “A GIF a day keeps the doctor away!” as well as you can hear me say “#4life” and “#ds106radio,” which are things that need to be in a radio bumper for #ds106radio, in case you haven’t made one yet and need a little bit of guidance. If you need more guidance, then just make your own bumper and learn from the experience and the comments that people give you.


ds106radio Bumper: “Stay Here with your Friends”

I am so pleased that my new good ds106 friends Alan and Grant invited me to do some voice work for ds106radio. It has been a long time since I have had an opportunity to work (would you believe that it has been 49 years!) and I am so looking forward to again entertaining my many fans and good friends.

Please enjoy this little recording. I am sure it will be the first of many in what will be my glorious return to acting!

Again, thank-you, my new ds106 friends, for your kind works of welcome. Yes, I am still waiting to hear from many of you, but I know that you would never intentionally slight me.

I expect to hear from you in the coming hours. By tomorrow noon would certainly go along way to solidifying your place in my list of BFFs. And I’m still watching you, Rimes.