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tdc560: Tina’s True Friends (animated GIF)

iamTalkyTodd_twitterGUEST POST BY @iamTalkyTodd, Tina’s brother, while she is temporarily incapacitated.

In honour of my sis, @iamTalkyTina, who put forward a call today (she submitted the item weeks ago) for The Daily Create participants to show what Friends mean to them, through a photo, for tdc560.

Although my sister is not currently empowered to respond, I know she would be honouring all of her #ds106zone True Friends, and so I have assembled this animated montage. Tina’s True Friends are basically arranged in alphabetical order by the first letter of whatever they are called — first name or Twitter handle taken as the decider. I just went through Tina’s file directory and assembled them pretty much by filename.

@iamTalkyTina's True Friends, for tdc560

@iamTalkyTina’s True Friends, for tdc560

I have also posted a static version to my sister’s Flickr account.