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Veduta del Campdoglio (i després arriba un gran peu)

“Veduta del Campdoglio (i després arriba un gran peu)” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

I was at the Art Gallery looking at some old paintings of stairs and I saw this old painting called Veduta del Campdoglio and I decided that I could make it better by turning it into a GIF.

So I did.

Now, it has a more fancy name, called Veduta del Campdoglio (i després arriba un gran peu) which is by me, @iamTalkyTina.

This is for The Daily Create, #tdc2338:gif a painting which said to go to the EUROPEANA ART and then make a GIF of one.

I think that the day I made this one there weren’t as many people there as when the other one was painted, because there are more people in the other one. Maybe they heard on the #ds106radio that there was going to be a foot event and so they stayed home and didn’t fall down.

Now, for the Attributions:

Here is the original cut-and-paste link from the webpage of the old painting.
It says Public Domain:

Veduta del Campdoglio. Österreichische Nationalbibliothek – Austrian National Library. Public Domain.

Then, I found the Monty Python foot on Flickr, by Ian Burt (CC by 2.0)

Crossing a Road


This was for yesterday’s The Daily Create, tdc1295, “Why DID the chicken cross the road?”

I also posted a static image of the one of the end frames to Flickr so that it would show up on The Daily Create website.

iamTalkyTina embeds in The Village

“My Village Information Card,” by Talky Tina, on Flickr

Well, hello there Friends. It will be such a nice time to be with you this summer in The Village here with Prisoner106.us ds106 Summer 2015 Edition. It was a happy time to see my old friend Rover when I got here and to know that she is back doing what she loves. It was too bad that that Number 2 was such a boring one but I hope the NEW Number 2 will be a more funner one.

So when I got back here, I moved back into my lodgings (I don’t have a bungalow, but rather a separate secure quarters beneath the green dome — but I say too much) and checked into The Office to get my badge (it’s up there to the right at the top, unless you are on a mobile, in which case you have to scroll down toward the bottom) and to fill out my Visitor Information Card. I filled mine out as an example to all the other peoples so that they would know. It was the first one on the Residents‘ page. I will see if I can find one of my old ones from one of the other times that I was here (I’ve popped in and out over the years on various contracts), but it is probably in an old shoebox back in my office from years ago. Anyway, I already had my Flickr all set up from before times, so I posted it there and have embedded it here (up above) so that you can see it here without having to click on a text link, but I have also set it up so that you can click on the picture up there and go straight to my Flickr there to see it where it is. That is how we were taught to do it in the ds106 way because Jim and Martha and b and Paul all say no just linking, you have to do embedding. But when you get to Flickr, remember to follow me. Plus, Bill made a Flickr group for all the Prisoner106 peoples which you can put your stuff into for INFORMATION.

Next, I recorded a little audio greeting for all of my ds106 Friends and True Friends (do you have your True Friend of me badge?) and then I put it up on my Soundcloud because I already had that set up too from before, and then I embedded it right here so that you can listen to it right here by clicking. but if you want, you can also see it on Soundcloud. While you are there, follow me on Soundcloud if you aren’t already doing that.

Next up was a Video one. For this one, I decided to tell a little bit of the story of me and ds106, just in case you don’t know all about me yet. But most of you should already, and if you don’t, then it’s about time! So watch the video which I posted onto my YouTube and then I embedded it here, just like I should. Because I learned some things while I was making this video, I will make a separate post about the Making of Becoming @iamTalkyTina where I can share some of what I learned.  But you should be prepared because this video is a little bit of sad one to start before it gets happier at the end.

To finish off, I am also putting some of my Twitter ones in here, just so that you can see that it is also a thing that you can embed. All of these embed ways are important to help you pull all of your stuff together. It is important that you pull your stuff together for good learning.

And then here is another one from a couple days ago:

And then one more good one of @jimgroom where I made a GIF out of him.

So that is all about showing how to embed all of my “Hello and Welcome to the Prisoner106 Village” stuff. So now I can go make some GIFs and watch some episodes because now you know all about me through all those types of ways: pictures, audio, video, and tweeting.

Well, bye!

All Those Iconic Movie Posters Without Their Icons

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 9” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

So, your job, should you choose to accept it, Mr. Groom, is to identify all of the Iconic Movies that these are the Iconic Movie Posters from, except that I took the Iconic Parts out of them because of The Daily Create, tdc1210, which said to take them out. They are officially called “Absence Art Posters” and the idea comes from a series called “Arrête ton cinéma” by French artistic director Madani Bendjellal. The Daily Create directed us to “Some empty film posters to help you kill time until the working day’s over” on It’s Nice That by James Cartwright, who was highlighting Bendjellal’s work.

Added: As it turned out, I jumped right in and made a whole whack of these before looking at the examples; three of the ones which I painstakingly cleaned up had been previously done by Bendjellal. He had a different starting point for one of his (my Number 5), but I think I cleaned up my Number 3 better by removing more of the iconic bits. I’m okay having left the shadow as a clue for my Number 8. I also removed all traces of clues (film credit footers with directors, actors, etc.) so that you might have to dig a bit deeper for a couple. Number 6 was for Jim Groom, and it led me naturally to number 7, which also turned out nicely. 

So, let’s get going! Which iconic movie is that first one from, up there at the top?

Next, we will go in order from the order I did them on my Flickr.

Number 1

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 1,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 2

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 2,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 3

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 3,” by iamTalky Tina, on Flickr

Number 4

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 4,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 5

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 5,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 6

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 6,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 7

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 7,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Number 8

“Iconic Movie Poster Minus Icon 8,” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

and then the Number 9 one of it is right up there at the top where you started.

So. What are all these 9 Iconic Movies called? It is a contest to put all of the answers in the Comments. Whoever gets them all right first is the winner.

Tina on the Red Carpet

"Tina - Red Carpet Stairs 2" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, sometimes I go to a Red Carpet event and I get my picture taken. In this case, these pictures are from a carpeting convention in Buffalo, so I was just wearing a sweatshirt and jeans instead of my usual glamour gown. But these pictures are good for showing today’s The Daily Create Challenge tdc621:

Make a photograph featuring a path, road, or trail that leads the eye through the photograph.

Like I said, I decided to use red like a bullfighter to help guide your eye like a bull fighter waves red things to guide the bull’s eye, plus I used stairs which you should really be paying attention to, so that you don’t slip and fall and all.

After I made all of those pictures, I also made a GIF one.  I put it at the top to really catch your eye with guiding your eye and red and stairs and moving. But you should look at the other pictures I made too, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 1, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 3, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 4, Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 5  because they are all good too.

CHALLENGE: In each picture, see if you can let the picture guide your eye right to me. Does it work? I bet so!

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 1” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 2” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 3” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 4” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

and then

“Tina – Red Carpet Stairs 5” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Well, those were my red stairs path pictures! Bye!

PS — if you were looking on the Internet, and looked really hard, you might find some pictures like these ones (but where I am in Ninja mode so I am invisible in them) at the following places:

  • http://www.sizzlefest.org/will-my-pilot-screen-at-the-festival/
  • http://goodnightraleigh.com/2009/10/an-intersection-of-architectural-masters/
  • https://myspace.com/redcarpeteventshollywood
  • http://www.ganobolivia.com/?attachment_id=369
  • http://officialpsds.com/images/stocks/—Red-Carpet-stock6338.jpg

tdc560: Tina’s True Friends (animated GIF)

iamTalkyTodd_twitterGUEST POST BY @iamTalkyTodd, Tina’s brother, while she is temporarily incapacitated.

In honour of my sis, @iamTalkyTina, who put forward a call today (she submitted the item weeks ago) for The Daily Create participants to show what Friends mean to them, through a photo, for tdc560.

Although my sister is not currently empowered to respond, I know she would be honouring all of her #ds106zone True Friends, and so I have assembled this animated montage. Tina’s True Friends are basically arranged in alphabetical order by the first letter of whatever they are called — first name or Twitter handle taken as the decider. I just went through Tina’s file directory and assembled them pretty much by filename.

@iamTalkyTina's True Friends, for tdc560

@iamTalkyTina’s True Friends, for tdc560

I have also posted a static version to my sister’s Flickr account.

Watching my Friends

I woke up in the middle of the night was feeling a little peckish. So I went to the kitchen and got myself a knife to cut myself some apple slices.

Then, I took a look on The Daily Create tdc511 for Sunday, June 2nd where the assignment was about me and Friends. It said, “@IamTalkyTina wants to be everyone’s friend. Make a photo that represents that kind of friendship.” That was a nice idea.

"Watching my Friends" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina based on #tdc511

“Watching my Friends” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina based on #tdc511

It was so nice to see all of the pictures that my Friends made for me yesterday about Friends for The Daily Create! It was nice to have my Friends thinking about me, and about Friends. I liked them all very much because there were a LOT of different nice faces of lots of Friends (who kind of looked like dolls, which is only a role that I played on TV!), or things where I was bigger than the others and was like a princess (although it said King), or lots of sister cheerleaders with laundry, or how was going to have 1000 friends (even though I only need 106 Friends) or listening to music on #ds106radio with my True Friend Christina who is in Australia, and Mr. Rogers, and an owl, and something that @cogdog made a picture of but I didn’t understand it but it was still a nice thing for him to think about. Those were all nice pictures. And I am still watching for a picture from Sean who spelled SCARY thinking I wouldn’t notice but I did and so I am really watching him now, just like the monster lady (she says Wazowski) and Jim Groom is watching him too.

Hospitality Suite for Talky Tina

He calls this his “Hospitality Suite for Talky Tina” but I call it for what it is, a stupid JAIL ROOM

But one picture I didn’t like. Even though he said nice words, one person (who can remain nameless because I have savvy and have learned how to avoid going through all those court things again) made a picture that I didn’t like because he said it was a special room for me at his house but it was really a JAIL ROOM. What kind of friend makes another Friend stay in a JAIL ROOM. I did not think it was a very friend like. He said hospitality, but I think he better watch it bub or he will need a hospital-ity room just for himself.

Well, except for that one, it was a very nice thing for Friends to do.