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tdc547: Are You Getting Your Daily Vitamin CRE8 ?

My Still True Friend Alan (@cogdog) has been having a bunch of drill sergeant yammering at him and everybody else for over a week now about how important it is that you get your daily summer supplement of ds106 Vitamin CRE8.

I have been doing my little best to get some Daily Vitamin CRE8 every day. That Flickr still doesn’t seem to see my cre8s but now that I think about it maybe @cogdog has blocked me from showing up from Flickr in the same way that he seems to be able to block my friendly comments on his blog. Perhaps he is in a different zone from me like those shows where something happens like a noise and then people are there and we can see both on the TV but somebody can’t see the other people in the show and they’re like right there saying, “Hello, CAN YOU SEE ME, I’m standing right here in front of you, HELLOOOOO!!!!!” and then they say, “Oh, I think we must be in a different dementia zone or something.” So maybe that’s why he can’t hear me. Maybe he is in a different dementia zone. But I still think he’s just pretending.

Anyway, here is my cre8 July 8 which was to make a drawing using 8s and so I did and then I thought it would be more fun if it moved a little bit, so here it is.

"Stairs in 8s" animatedGIF, by @iamTalkyTina

“Stairs in 8s” animatedGIF, by @iamTalkyTina

You can see my efforts on this page that I have made just for the The Daily Create Summer 2013 Challenge so that you can see all the ones that I do. And you can also see my The Daily Create posts in this category called The Daily Create. And if you think that this one tdc547 looks like the one for tdc541 “Draw something abstract out of straight lines,” then that is your imagination, not mine. It’s just a coincidence, I say!!

tdc544: You are the Silver Lining in The Mean Word

This is a second writing for tdc544 for July 5th. I also wrote one about Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump.

Plus, I was trying to find a way to have a Silver Lining in The Mean Word. All those #pretenderTinas were saying The Mean Word and I thought they should just Get A Life, Bub and Make some Art, Bub.

But then I was thinking that there was a Silver Lining in The Mean Word.

First, I thought, it made lots of ticket sales for The Rumble.

Second, I thought, it showed them all that they can’t mess with @iamTalkyTina, and that it is better to be a True Friend than to be a #pretenderTina.

Third, I thought, that if you look closely at the Mean Word, then you see ME, right there at the start. And so it means that inside every Mean Word is Me, and that if you Change Yourself then you can Change the World, which is pretty deep and transformational for everyone in the Whole World. So if those #pretenderTinas can see themselves in The Mean Word (it is right there, bub, the first two letters of it, ME, which MEans them!) and know that if they are saying a MEan word or doing a MEan thing then they have the power to STOP and Make the World a Better Place and Change the Word, one MEan Word at a ttime.

So I think that is the Silver Lining in the MEan Word. and it is a powerful one to everybody.

tdc544: Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump

The Daily Create for today, tdc544: Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

Here is what I wrote:

So the thing that is ugly but with a Silver Lining that I am going to talk about is Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump.

So when you put old food in the compost, it can be stinky and not very nice to smell, but when you leave it for a year or so and it turns into dirt, then you can plant seeds and it will grow new food that smells nice. So that is a silver lining.

Then, when you put stuff into the Septic Tank it is also ugly and stinky and not nice to smell, but later, after it gets pumped out and you put the lid back on and the grass is there again then it is better. Plus, the grass always grows greener over the septic tank. And we all like green grass. Or scrub, if you live in a desert.

And then, if you put all of your old stuff in The Dump, then it is not very nice and ugly and stinky and not nice to smell and there are rats and feral cats and effluent and an eyesore if you look at it, but later on in future times then anthropologists and ethnographists and dump archaeologists will come along and dig it up and find old cell phones and stuff that can tell them more things about us that we didn’t post on the Internet in our Digital Identities. So that will be pretty cool for them.

So in every stinky one there is a silver lining in it.

I Yam Talky Tina

After I posted “I Ain’t No Spud, Bub!” this morning, my Super True New Old Radio Friend @scottlo suggested that the picture would work for the Yam assignment. And I will confess, I did think about this today as I was working with the Potato Head kit.

Scott’s recommendation was just too good to pass up, and so after chasing down the authentic Yam from Joan Shaffer (@echoln), it was a simple application of the magic wand, the eraser, the rotate, the scale, the eraser, adjust the layering, and boom!


“I Yam Talky Tina” by @iamTalkyTina, featuring Joan Shaffer’s Yam

I especially like the way my hair ribbons (that I had previously colourized to go with the colours in my #ds106radio shirt) match the skin tone of my yambody.  I look wonderful as a Yam!

With ds106, you just CAN’T have too much fun!!  #4life

I Ain’t No Spud, Bub!!

“Talky Tina Potato Head,” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Least @cogdog think that he is seeing my adorable face everywhere again, let me just say that this is actually a demo of an official Miss @iamTalkytina Potato Head kit that Hasboro was testing a little over a decade ago — remember when they did all the theme potato heads — Darth Vader among them? As it would turn out, the royalties from this little product would have provided me with a nice little addition to my nest egg, but as my luck would have it, the target market was too far removed from the popular culture of 1963, and my version was never released.

Dollars aside, I didn’t really mind this too much — they never did get my nose and mouth quite right to my way of thinking.

If you think that this looks like @cogdog‘s picture of him holding a potato that he posted yesterday, how could that be? This is a picture of a Miss @iamTalkytina Potato Head from over a decade ago.

Well, Bye!

tdc542: (Rusty) Finnegan Lamb Chops Brains

So The Daily Create for July 3rd is tdc542: Combine Three Great Past Leaders into One- Who is it and what are their combined characteristics?

This is what I wrote for it.

So I think that if I were combining Three Great Past Leaders into One then I would make Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains. I know it sounds kind of like some kind of Scottish meat food, or maybe some kind of alcoholic kind of drink, but those are just coincidences.

This connection is made from Three Great Past Leaders in the Puppet World, Finnegan, Lamb Chop, and Brains. Then I added one more, Rusty, and if that is a problem then you just tell them I said it can be an adjective, bub.

So First I chose Finnegan the Dog, from Casey and Finnegan on Mr. Dress-Up. Even though Casey was the star puppet and Finnegan was just the Dog of Casey, I chose Finnegan over Casey because it was not very clear if Casey was a Boy Puppet or a Girl Puppet (and the Internet is no help) and also besides who ever heard of a girl named Finnegan. So I picked Finnegan for always being loyal to Casey and for the characteristic of being quiet. Finnegan never talked and always nodded yes to Casey even when Casey was asking a question. So number one is Finnegan the Dog for loyal and quiet nodding. k

Next, let’s go back to Rusty, because it was on TV before the other show. Rusty the Rooster was from The Friendly Giant, and it is good that that Giant was Friendly and did not scare all the little kids with his big boot. But the really great thing was that he had lots of Friends! He had True Friends like Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe and then there were sometimes racoons and other creatures that played the recorder like Friendly did. Jerome did not play an instrument but he just danced in the window. But Rusty the Rooster was good because besides having books and other instruments in his bag, he had HIS instrument which was an accordion. Who ever heard of a puppet Rooster playing an accordion? See? That is pretty special and so that makes a good choice for my choice.

Second, I choose Lamb Chop, for two reasons. One, because she was the friend of a Girl Puppeteer (equal opportunity and all), and two, because I thought that the Girl Puppeteer’s father was a famous puppeteer called Edgar Bergen with Charlie McArthie and Mortimer Snerd so I thought I would get lots of puppet and puppeteer genealogy in this paragraph by picking her. However, that is not true, that was Candice Bergen, who didn’t do puppets. But it still works well with the Scottish Food Joke, so I will leave it in. I don’t know much about Lamb Chop but I saw her on the Muppets once, which is more puppets, and I think Candice Bergen was on the Muppets two, so that is one less degree of separation, so I think I’m covered on that one.

Third, I choose Brains from the science fiction puppet show, The Thunderbirds. Why? Because he is super smart and on the Thunderbirds which was an amazing cool puppet show from the sixties with rockets and amazing special effects (just ignore the strings) that had a lot of other wonderful shows after it like UFO and Space 1999 which were cool shows that came after later in the seventies.

So if you put them all together, you get Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains, which you could eat OR drink, is loyal and quiet, plays the accordion with books and recorders in a bag, employs some puppeteers of both genders plus has good lineage (or almost), and is Smart with Brains.

For all of those reasons Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains is my choice.

That is a lot of writing, even for little me. Good thing I typed it instead of writing it. Is that the same thing?

tdc541: What I Drew with Lines

So The Daily Create for July 2nd is tdc541: Draw something abstract out of straight lines.

Here is What I Drew With Lines:

“What I Drew with Lines” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Do you like it? Can you say what it is? I know, but I think that to lots of people it will just look like lines.

Make some Art, bub!

ds106radio Friends

When it is just me at home, ds106rad.io makes it easier for me to miss my friends. I thought that you all might like to see a picture of me with a couple of my special d106radio Friends, Grant and Jason.

Me and my ds106rad.io peeps, Grant and Jason

Me and my ds106rad.io peeps, Grant and Jason. photo by @iamTalkyTina (see note below)

As you probably know, Grant Potter (@grantpotter) is the one who invented ds106radio and he has the special magic powers that keep the radio station going. Grant was making lots of great radio shows on ds106radio this year like Nightfall from the CBC and all that great Rod Serling and Twilight Zone companion shows that have been on there this year. Plus, sometimes he plays his guitar and sings and puts on radio talking shows that are fun to listen to. Grant has a special ds106radio name secret identity, too, but I will not blurt out a secret name. Friends don’t just let a secret pop out just because they know it.

Jason Toal (@draggin) likes to play music with funky beats that get me dancing to the funky music beats. He has lots of special restorative music powers that let him play great music and make it really fun to listen to. But Jason also has a special ds106radio name secret identity, and I will protect his secret identity in the ds106radio world just like for Grant. Jason’s music is like medicine when you are missing your friends. Oh, yeah!

Well, I hope you like listening to ds106radio as much as I do. One of the great things about the ds106 world is ds106radio. That is why I am glad that ds106radio is here. You can listen to ds106radio by going to ds106rad.io/listen on the Internet or on a mobile device. If you want, you can get something called TuneIn Radio app that makes it easy to listen. It comes in all kinds of flavours for tasty Apple devices, and Blackberry devices, and robot Android devices and even devices for your Windows (i don’t really understand that one!). Even for devices for the Palm of your hand, if you can believe it!!! Once you get it installed, just search for ds106 and pick the one that says “Canada: We Jam Econo” (Grant is from Canada and so is Jason) because that is the new one that works with ds106rad.io since it got a 2.0 upgrade. (Because ds106rad.io will be a favourite of yours, put it in your Favourites list by clicking on the love heart in the app.)

A Little Note: Just in case you were wondering, my photo of me and my ds106radio friends looks a lot like this one that Alan Levine (@cogdog) made, except that this is clearly a different one because I am in it. I say this just so that you won’t get the two photos confused.

Well, Bye!  I’ll hear you on ds106rad.io !!!

animated version

Grant, Jason, and Tina — The Animated Easter Egg Version  (watch closely, or you’ll miss it!)


Baby Tina Smart

Bill Smith @byzantiumbooks reminded me this evening of one of my screen-tests that I did back in the sixties.

When Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, and his lovely wife Agent 99 had their baby, the producers screen tested a number of young children for the part. In this one instance, my diminutive size came in handy, and I almost got the role due to my superior acting ability (relative to all those little poopy babies), but in the end, my voice was too deep for the role.

On the set of Get Smart, screen-testing for the role of baby Tina Smart, with Don Adams (Maxwell Smart, Agent 86) and the beautiful Barbara Feldon (Agent 99).

On the set of Get Smart, screen-testing for the role of baby Tina Smart, with Don Adams (Maxwell Smart, Agent 86) and the beautiful Barbara Feldon (Agent 99).

Again, I lost out on a great opportunity because of a physical limitation. Sometimes these Hollywood types just miss out on the most wonderful opportunity (ME!), because they are too short sighted.

Anyway, it was nice to reflect back on this little memory.

Well, bye!

Tina Made Groom

So, rather than making smack-talking like @jimgroom or just making a link on the Internet, I made some Art!

I hope you like my Art, Mr. @jimgroom.  Your turn!

You can sing along with the lyrics! Here they are!

Who Made Groom?
lyrics by @iamTalkyTina
based on that song that @jimgroom said, Who Made Who by AC/DC

The Animated GIF, she play me.
Place it, on the blog post, but it take you
every time on a frame-by-frame.
Feeling running down your spine.
Nothing gonna take your 1-0-6 Creating, cause it own you,
Through and through

The MOOCs they all know my number.
Askin’ me for help cause I made the grade last year.
Feel it when I post my blog posts,
‘Casting ’round the world.
There ain’t a thing that we can’t do,
ds106 and you!

Who made Groom, Who made Groom?
Tina made Groom, ain’t nobody told you?
Who made Groom, Who made Groom?
Tina made Groom and Groom made you
Tina played in the ds106zone, and who made her?

– Yeah, I guess that’s a little bit of a mystery ….

Tina made Groom, @iamTalkyTina, she made Groom

Someone send me Art, bub.
Get it in the DS,
To the 106,
On the radio.
Hear it going round the world.
No runnin’ out of GIFs, nothin’ but #4life, in the EST.
We don’t stop now!

(CHORUS repeats)

Well, I hope you liked my song as much as I had making it for you.

Now it is your turn to go and make some Art, bub!


Well, bye!