What? He is Ignoring ME ????

Well, I NEVER!

I just can NOT believe it!  My Still True Friend @cogdog not only appears to be ignoring my comments on his blog, but has now escalated by blocking my ability to post comments at all!!  Can you believe it?

Yesterday, after he wrote about getting all exocised, and he made a sound effect of me falling into the water and screaming (that is not true, I did not scream!), I posted two comments on his blog. You can see them in my post here yesterday, Don’t You Forget About Me, True Friend!, awaiting moderation (me! awaiting moderation!)

Today, I went back to check and see if they have been approved, and not only do I NOT see them there, but I see some OTHER comments about him talking to someone named Delores (who is this Delores?) about dolls and my comments are NOT there! WTF? (whatsup True Friend?)

So I tried to post this comment, but it did not seem to go through.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.17.31 AM

But it did not seem to go through!! So I posted another one.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.16.25 AM

Maybe @cogdog’s blog is broken??  He should get on that and fix it!!   What kind of a True Friend doesn’t let another True Friend care about him?  Can YOU, friend,  post a comment on Alan’s blog for me, telling him that I care and that he should be paying attention?  Just be sure to remind him, at the same time, that HE is NOT me !

Well, bye!

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