Real Friends are Important !!

FedEx advert, from the old days. Me, with Calli, Bob, Rick, Sarah, Hal, and Fred.

FedEx advert, from the old days. Me, with Calli, Bob, Rick, Sarah, Hal, and Laney.

It is important to have Friends. And it is important to know that you can count on them. While some people may say they are friends, or maybe jump through some hoops just to get to be recognized as a certain kind of Friend, we always need to keep in mind the importance of Real Friends.

I had an opportunity to ask a Real Friend for help yesterday. While other people (who don’t seem to want to be ANY KIND of friend and get themselves crossed off the list) were stranded at airports with no means to travel, I was able to continue on my merry way, because of Friends. And the view from the cockpit is waaaaay better than YOUR cramped little-window view from YOUR seat in coach!

At one time, I worked in a not-so-glamourous job helping to pack freight. I had a knack for optimizing the packing density in cargo containers. Somehow I was always able to find extra spaces where we could fit some extra shipments and get them on their way even faster. I made a lot of bonuses that way, and got quite a nest egg set aside for retirement as a result.

But even more important than the money and the bonuses was that the people I worked with were the best, and I made a lot of Real Friends, friends who looked out for me and made sure that I was there with them at the end of the shift. (Although it was kind of funny that one time they got distracted by that last-minute load-on and I got the free trip to Mumbai.) But it was the Friendships that made that job such a joy!

When I got home last night I dug up the advert that was made when I was working out of Memphis years ago. It’s nice to see the faces of my friends and remember those good times.

Real Friends are Important!

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