tdc542: (Rusty) Finnegan Lamb Chops Brains

So The Daily Create for July 3rd is tdc542: Combine Three Great Past Leaders into One- Who is it and what are their combined characteristics?

This is what I wrote for it.

So I think that if I were combining Three Great Past Leaders into One then I would make Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains. I know it sounds kind of like some kind of Scottish meat food, or maybe some kind of alcoholic kind of drink, but those are just coincidences.

This connection is made from Three Great Past Leaders in the Puppet World, Finnegan, Lamb Chop, and Brains. Then I added one more, Rusty, and if that is a problem then you just tell them I said it can be an adjective, bub.

So First I chose Finnegan the Dog, from Casey and Finnegan on Mr. Dress-Up. Even though Casey was the star puppet and Finnegan was just the Dog of Casey, I chose Finnegan over Casey because it was not very clear if Casey was a Boy Puppet or a Girl Puppet (and the Internet is no help) and also besides who ever heard of a girl named Finnegan. So I picked Finnegan for always being loyal to Casey and for the characteristic of being quiet. Finnegan never talked and always nodded yes to Casey even when Casey was asking a question. So number one is Finnegan the Dog for loyal and quiet nodding. k

Next, let’s go back to Rusty, because it was on TV before the other show. Rusty the Rooster was from The Friendly Giant, and it is good that that Giant was Friendly and did not scare all the little kids with his big boot. But the really great thing was that he had lots of Friends! He had True Friends like Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe and then there were sometimes racoons and other creatures that played the recorder like Friendly did. Jerome did not play an instrument but he just danced in the window. But Rusty the Rooster was good because besides having books and other instruments in his bag, he had HIS instrument which was an accordion. Who ever heard of a puppet Rooster playing an accordion? See? That is pretty special and so that makes a good choice for my choice.

Second, I choose Lamb Chop, for two reasons. One, because she was the friend of a Girl Puppeteer (equal opportunity and all), and two, because I thought that the Girl Puppeteer’s father was a famous puppeteer called Edgar Bergen with Charlie McArthie and Mortimer Snerd so I thought I would get lots of puppet and puppeteer genealogy in this paragraph by picking her. However, that is not true, that was Candice Bergen, who didn’t do puppets. But it still works well with the Scottish Food Joke, so I will leave it in. I don’t know much about Lamb Chop but I saw her on the Muppets once, which is more puppets, and I think Candice Bergen was on the Muppets two, so that is one less degree of separation, so I think I’m covered on that one.

Third, I choose Brains from the science fiction puppet show, The Thunderbirds. Why? Because he is super smart and on the Thunderbirds which was an amazing cool puppet show from the sixties with rockets and amazing special effects (just ignore the strings) that had a lot of other wonderful shows after it like UFO and Space 1999 which were cool shows that came after later in the seventies.

So if you put them all together, you get Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains, which you could eat OR drink, is loyal and quiet, plays the accordion with books and recorders in a bag, employs some puppeteers of both genders plus has good lineage (or almost), and is Smart with Brains.

For all of those reasons Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains is my choice.

That is a lot of writing, even for little me. Good thing I typed it instead of writing it. Is that the same thing?

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