I Ain’t No Spud, Bub!!

“Talky Tina Potato Head,” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

Least @cogdog think that he is seeing my adorable face everywhere again, let me just say that this is actually a demo of an official Miss @iamTalkytina Potato Head kit that Hasboro was testing a little over a decade ago — remember when they did all the theme potato heads — Darth Vader among them? As it would turn out, the royalties from this little product would have provided me with a nice little addition to my nest egg, but as my luck would have it, the target market was too far removed from the popular culture of 1963, and my version was never released.

Dollars aside, I didn’t really mind this too much — they never did get my nose and mouth quite right to my way of thinking.

If you think that this looks like @cogdog‘s picture of him holding a potato that he posted yesterday, how could that be? This is a picture of a Miss @iamTalkytina Potato Head from over a decade ago.

Well, Bye!

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