tdc544: Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump

The Daily Create for today, tdc544: Write about something ugly — war, fear, hate, cruelty — but find the beauty (silver lining) in it.

Here is what I wrote:

So the thing that is ugly but with a Silver Lining that I am going to talk about is Compost, Septic Tanks, and The Dump.

So when you put old food in the compost, it can be stinky and not very nice to smell, but when you leave it for a year or so and it turns into dirt, then you can plant seeds and it will grow new food that smells nice. So that is a silver lining.

Then, when you put stuff into the Septic Tank it is also ugly and stinky and not nice to smell, but later, after it gets pumped out and you put the lid back on and the grass is there again then it is better. Plus, the grass always grows greener over the septic tank. And we all like green grass. Or scrub, if you live in a desert.

And then, if you put all of your old stuff in The Dump, then it is not very nice and ugly and stinky and not nice to smell and there are rats and feral cats and effluent and an eyesore if you look at it, but later on in future times then anthropologists and ethnographists and dump archaeologists will come along and dig it up and find old cell phones and stuff that can tell them more things about us that we didn’t post on the Internet in our Digital Identities. So that will be pretty cool for them.

So in every stinky one there is a silver lining in it.

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