I Yam Talky Tina

After I posted “I Ain’t No Spud, Bub!” this morning, my Super True New Old Radio Friend @scottlo suggested that the picture would work for the Yam assignment. And I will confess, I did think about this today as I was working with the Potato Head kit.

Scott’s recommendation was just too good to pass up, and so after chasing down the authentic Yam from Joan Shaffer (@echoln), it was a simple application of the magic wand, the eraser, the rotate, the scale, the eraser, adjust the layering, and boom!


“I Yam Talky Tina” by @iamTalkyTina, featuring Joan Shaffer’s Yam

I especially like the way my hair ribbons (that I had previously colourized to go with the colours in my #ds106radio shirt) match the skin tone of my yambody.  I look wonderful as a Yam!

With ds106, you just CAN’T have too much fun!!  #4life

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