August 2013 GIF Challenge #4: Where Did the Soda Go?

This was a fun challenge, classified as a Visual Assignment in the assignment bank before Animated GIFs had their own category. It is there as Visual Assignments 806: Where Did the Soda Go? by Nate Wine, but asks us to make a GIF from a silly infomercial. So that should be a fun challenge!

Mine isn’t so silly, but is instead very classic and romantic because she is wearing nice pyjamas with a fireplace at night and maybe listening to some nice quite music while she waits for a Friend. But I did not make a click-on-it-to-hear because too much of that is not a good thing.

But I think she looks nice and peaceful and relaxed, so I like the mood very much.

"Rejuvenique" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Rejuvenique” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

I found this on the YouTube by searching for infomercials. I hope you all have fun finding a silly infomercial GIF, too!

5 thoughts on “August 2013 GIF Challenge #4: Where Did the Soda Go?

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  3. Christina Hendricks

    Hi Super True Friend!

    I am busy facilitating another course right now, so my GIFing has been late and then lacking. I won’t have time to do this one, but will get back to it soon!

    I agree she looks very peaceful and relaxed, but WHAT THE HECK IS ON HER FACE? That doesn’t look very peaceful, but rather kind of, well, [mean word, not directed at you]. Is it supposed to make her feel more relaxed? I don’t think it would make me feel relaxed, unless I were asleep in it or had a lot of wine.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hi STF Christina!

      Well, it is a face-shock mask. You put it on your face (with some jelly on the little electrode bumps on the inside) and then you put it on and turn it on and then it shocks your face into beauty. I AM NOT JOKING! That is what it is for. It is called rejuvenique which is French for face-shock mask.

      If you do the Google on YouTube you can see infomercials for it.

      Well, bye!

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