Perhaps Things Are Looking Up for You Now?

“tdc606 Perspective: Perhaps Things Are Looking Up For You Now?” by iamtalkytina, on Flickr

This is just a little exercise-in-perspective sketch that I whipped off many years ago after a little event. It came to mind today as I read of The Daily Create for September 5th, and I thought it might be appropriate.

tdc606: “Make a drawing that emphasizes perspective (e.g. angle of view)”

I just hopped the bus down to the local Art Gallery where it is currently on display as part of a little show. I snagged a photo that I could upload to Flickr so you all could see it.

I hope you like it as much as I had making it. And the circumstances surrounding it, too.

The beautiful frame around my picture in my image is cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by rubyblossom on Flickr.

And the beginnings of the engraved plaque was sourced here.

Well, bye!

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Things Are Looking Up for You Now?

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Oh my. That does bring to mind some memories of the past…indeed, just a few short months ago! But of course, that was just a part your played and Telly really did love you in real life I bet.

    Is this right before you fell down the stairs next to him?

    It is a very lovely drawing indeed.

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