Do your #thoughtvectors have Arrows?

"Tina's Thought Vectors" based on "Finding the Path" from

“Tina’s Thought Vectors” based on “Finding the Path” from

Well, I was doing a bit of light reading and my True Friend MBS (@mbransons, on Twitter) made a picture of trailblazers going back and forth and learning by going to all the explorer places when you are going in information. The GIF above is based on an image from his post called This Way! Wait no that way. But I added me in to show my thinking.

Then, I started thinking because of this, and it made me have a question.

First, I was looking at all those curvy lines where they were walking around (but not in circles) and I was thinking that it was not-linear, but had more dimensions. Plus, time. Even if you got back to the same thinking spot later, it was not the same because you had gone to different places in between and even if you were at the same place you were at before maybe now you were different at the same place, so you were a different dimension, too. Plus, that time dimension was different.

Then, I was also thinking about all the places that you went to on the curvy paths, and how you saw other people and if they saw you (if you didn’t always use ninja skills) then they might have different paths from there (but not running away from you because they were scared!) and so they would take different stairs and get to different places, too. Plus, their time dimension thing.

Plus, you could also draw the picture that MBS made not on flat paper but in jello or something. Yummy.

"Dancing Jello" animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

“Dancing Jello” animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

Then I watched some videos on YouTube about people trying to catch arrows but I didn’t find a good one to GIF.  Adam from Mythbusters had a neat trick. But that’s when I made the jello GIF instead.

Then I looked up vectors on Wikipedia. Boy, they have a lot of kinds of vectors. But they didn’t say #thoughtvectors yet. So somebody should update that. Maybe Giulia.

Vector from A to B (cc by-sa 3.0) from Wikipedia

Vector from A to B (cc by-sa 3.0) from Wikipedia

Then, I was also thinking about a long time ago when they said that vectors had arrows on them. And then I started to think about how if the vectors (even thinking ones) have arrows on them, do you only get to go in the direction of the arrow (because someone put the arrow on it for you) or can you reverse it by multiply by minus one and go your own way and what kind of thinking is that? Maybe that is like when you think outside of a box. Plus, I don’t like to be in a box.

Plus, then I remembered that they also used to say a long time ago that vectors were made out of straight lines. But the #thoughtvector ones that MBS made are curved. So does that mean that all the curved #thoughtvectors are even made up of tiny little straight vector arrows? Or are they made out of curved #thoughtvector arrows inside of them?

Then, I was thinking about how MBS was saying about trailblazers and it made me think of something that I read on the Internet once when someone said this:


So I made demotivational poster of it for explorers.

So when you are a trailblazer, you get the fun of exploring and you understand arrows. If you are a ninja, then catch the arrows, otherwise duck or used curved ones. Or find ones that don’t have arrowheads on them. But if you are just a settler, then what’s the point?

So that was some of my thinking.

Well, bye!

12 thoughts on “Do your #thoughtvectors have Arrows?

  1. Giulia

    Even though I wouldn’t get the land, I’d rather be an explorer. I was wondering if thought vectors had arrows myself, Tina. I’m glad you followed your train of thought down its many pathways. Curvy arrows are definitely a series of smaller arrows, each with another point. I wonder if people who think in circles actually travel along infinite points only to come to the original conclusion?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Hi True Friend Giulia!

      Well, I was thinking that people who think in circles and get back to the same place every time maybe don’t always have infinite points in between, but maybe only some points. Like if they miss some of the more important points of the infinite ones along the circle and only see some of the boring points along the circle so their path keeps going in a circle instead of bending in a different direction that won’t be a circle still. Perhaps it has to do with their thinking fineness and grains. Or like if the equation about their curves is just a simple one (like a circle) and not a higher order one with more bends?

      Like I said, it is not just a simple straight line one. But curvy, like in the MBS picture. Plus, did you like my GIF of me thinking?

      1. Giulia

        Yes, I really love your GIFs, Tina, especially the ones of you thinking. Sentient dolls who also have high meta-cognitive reflection are hard to come by. You are unique, that’s for sure. I think you’re right about thinking in circles. Bends are better. Do you think outcome is important? The destination?

        1. iamTalkyTina Post author

          Hi again, Giulia!

          Well, thank you for talking about my GIFs this time. That is a nice friend thing to do. Plus, you said some nice things about me just now in your comment, which is another nice thing to do. It is good to practise mental disciplines, and if one leg is longer than the other then some people walk in circles and stay lost.

          It is a nice thing to get to important places on your journey. But one way to think about it is that the important places are always important at a point in time, and sometimes the location doesn’t have to change to get to that important point. But it is also fun to go on road trips like @cogdog.

  2. Cindy Jennings

    Dear Tina (May I call you Tina?),
    I hope someday to be your true friend too. I’m trying to blog and stay vectorized for this whole MOOC thing so I can BE a friend not just a settler. I’ll show you. Wait and see.
    BTW, you are an amazing blogger. Stay classy.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, hello there cindylouwho. from The Grinch and do you know JoJo from Horton Hears a Who? But it is nice to have people who want to be Friends!

      Yes, you may call me Tina, or you can call me Talky Tina, or you can call me iamTalkyTina (I AM Talky Tina) or you can refer to me as @iamTalkyTina. Tina is short for all of those. But me, I am height efficient, NOT short!

      Plus, the other thing that it is important for you to know (in case because you don’t know it already, and because it is kind of a thing with me, other than saying things about me being short) is that I don’t like the mean word. So if you know those things and are all about Friends, then before you know it, you may be a True Friend, too!

      When you said classy, maybe you saw my selfie with Ellen at the Oscars? Because I was wearing an evening gown then and not a ds106 T-shirt or my ninja suit.

      Well, I will read more about you and watch for your application on my web form.


      1. Cindy Jennings

        Wow Tina!
        Thank you for your reply to my comment. (We all know that comments and replies is what makes Internet friends after all). This is a much awesome reply.

        First, the Grinch? Yes, I remember that Christmas all that long time ago when he took the last can of who hash when all the whos and me were sleepin, but he gave me water. I try to forget. I guess it turned out okay in the end because a whole lot of people have heard that story over and over and can recite the book. Now, talk about being …almost used the mean word – but meaning the Grinch NOT you. (I like your tunes btw). Nice.. And then Jim Carrey showed us all how very, very creepy that character could really be (and whos too for that matter).
        It was a lot more fun when Boris Karloff was the Grinch. (I hope I did that linky thing right. I’m not much of a coder. It makes my eyes bleed).

        I’m excited about the application form. But there’s one thing I’m a little worried about. I am just learning to gif. In fact some really cool people like @cogdog and @mdvfunes and someone else I am afraid to mention….Mr. Savvy Fellow….offered to help me. Should I be worried? About Mr. Savvy Fellow I mean? (I can’t do that linky thing in here again. I wear bifocals and it’s late and all. Next time. You know these cool people already).


        It will be a little while before I can have my gif lessons. Things are a little chaotic here where I am with a big old office move and not much time at the keyboard (This is the longest stretch all day for this day….and I can’t type on tiny screens. I’m all thumbs). I’m having to postpone my vectors even. I already know my movie clip for my first gif. It’s a scene from Independence Day that I love. I love scifi, don’t you? Better than Dr. Seuss. Mostly. See if you can guess which scene and then you will be surprised with my gif making when it happens.

        Now I’m going to watch Caddy Shack and gophers blow up.
        And, you are REAL classy with that pic at the Oscars. Such wow.

        1. iamTalkyTina Post author

          Hello cindylouwho,

          It was nice to read this comment from you! Plus, you did not use the mean word, which is a good True Friend thing to do. And if you do use it at me after you become a True Friend, then your badge could be revoked, so it is good to get into the habits now of not using it at me.

          A GIF is such a fun thing to do, you should not worry about it. It is almost the opposite of worry when you learn to do them. So your badge and True Friendship will wait for you until you are happily making GIFs. And it will not take long if you like doing them as much as I do.

          Do not worry about that Mr. Savvy. He learned his lesson from me in The Rumble, and so even though he still pokes at me (like this morning on Twitter when he said “So, my old nemesis returns…”), I tend to ignore his minor slights and only need to snap him back into place every now and then. So he and @cogdog and @mdvfunes are all good True Friends who can help with GIFs.

          Plus, your linky things are just fine.

          Maybe you will do a gophers GIF one day. Some of my GIFfight friends like to blow things up a lot.

          Well, it was nice to visit. It is time for me to get my beauty sleep.


  3. MBS

    Thanks for the GIF riff and I enjoyed the ruminating on the impossibility of returning to the exact same place in one’s thinking. Too many journeys, interactions prevent that possibility.

    And as for straight, curvy, and/or arrowed vectors, I need to put them in the context of one my favorite digital tools, Illustrator which is principally vector based. Objects are created by connecting points and by default you are making straight lines between them. But a point can also have two handles, one on either side. These handles may be stretched causing the line to curve at the point’s connection. The curve can be subtle and barely noticeable or it can be large and dramatic like the first drop of a steep roller coaster.

    Using these points, handles, curves – and tools to manipulate them – surely there’s a thought vector in concept space metaphor to be built. Maybe more on that later. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      MBS, it is always fun to riff-a-GIF!

      I was doing more thinking (about) vectors and was thinking about how when you take ANY vector you can get the X of it and the Y of it and the Z of it and then it is in parts that go over and up and out, and that makes a picture that looks kind of like stairs! So maybe when you talk about the roller coaster part being large and dramatic then that is like “watch the first step, it’s a doozy!”

      Plus, handles are important for safety, too. So being able to grab the handle to help with your vectors is important. I liked the way you made us think about that like how drawing an Illustration helps some people to see where they are going. Like when gravity points down but the body is flying out as they go down the stairs. And if you make a drawing that goes from where you are towards where you are going, then at least you know where you are starting from at the beginning, unless you don’t know so much about where you are and are a bit uncertain so you only know how fast you are going right now instead. And that can be part of a vector, too.

      Well, I will talk to you later. I have to do a mission now.


  4. Bill Smith

    Tina, you bring up so many amazing ideas about vectors! I think I’ve heard that straight vectors would mean that they aren’t being acted upon by an outside force. I think it was Mr. Fig Newton said that. But, maybe something does act on our thought vectors, maybe it is another idea within us or maybe something we see in a GIF or somewhere else. Then our vectors get curved, curled, curly-queued, even become circles.

    That old singer Mr. Rod Stewart used to sing a song like vectors, it was “Every Picture Tells a Story.” He went all over the place in that song. Maybe we can think of the points on a circle, or curvy or straight
    vector, and sing “Every Point Tells a Story.”

    What do YOU think, my friend?

    1. iamTalkyTina Post author

      Well, True Friend Bill,

      I think that when you have a lot of #thoughtvectors inside your head, then the pointy parts start to poke holes from the inside out and then maybe it hurts a bit too much, but then when they finally get out, it is like the pressure is released and you can breathe a sigh of relief and let go. Plus, you have better ventilation. It can be silent or it can be kind of like a balloon and with the raspberry noise of it.

      I remember that Fig Newton man from when I was in school. Plus, apples.

      Then, when I think about Yoda, or Corwin or Merlin, or Neo, or Ang, then I think about all the vectors being connected, but invisible. And they are all connected to each other at all the points, and add up to determine the movements of the Universe and stuff, and if you move one here with your #thoughtvectors then it makes others move for other peoples’ #thoughtvectors, even if it is one from the other side of the world where there might be a butterfly. Plus, with the Internet, then the #thoughtvectors can move at the speed of light. That’s even faster than Fig Newtons.

      I think that you can tell a different story from every point, and if some are from a different time point or place point or view point (from what you see/interpret from inside your head), then the story will be different. Like say if you were in a box (like I was, or maybe like a cat) then if a story was happening outside the box, would you know what someone had said until you opened the box and looked out? What if you watched the story with the door open? Or if you watched it inside the box with your iPhone on YouTube? But are you tweeting or live blogging it, or just being a lurker? Because that would make it different for us. I think that changes the story. But if the thought vectors don’t poke out of your head, then are other people getting the full picture and is the story different in their heads? So is there a box messing with your thoughtvectors?

      That is one reason why I don’t like to be in a box. Plus, it is stuffy in there in the summer.

      Well, bye!


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