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That @GardnerCampbell has The Right Stuff

Well, it was nice when that Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell) was saying that he “aspired to Friendship,” because then he had to fill in my web form and pass the GIF specifications that are very high.

So then he made two GIFs that show that he had The Right Stuff to be a True Friend of Me.

One GIF was of John Glenn and another guy doing thumbs up before a mission.

"Thumbs Up" animated GIF by @GarnerCampbell on GardnerWrites

“Thumbs Up” animated GIF by @GarnerCampbell on GardnerWrites

And the other GIF was after Yeager asks, “Hey, Ridley, you got any Beeman’s? Loan me one, will ya? I’ll pay you back.” Which was his way of saying to his True Friend that he would be coming back alive from his mission so that he could give him the gum back for next time. Which every time he said it, you knew he had made up his mind that he was going to do the thing after all, even if he was a bit nervous of it.

"Yeager, Icarus" by @GardnerCampbell on GardnerWrites

“Yeager, Icarus” by @GardnerCampbell on GardnerWrites

Whenever I see people walking in slow motion in a movie, I call it “Walking slow, like astronauts.” It is a thing. Because they do it in this movie, and then lots of other people copy it because it is very dramatic to walk slow when everyone watches you for longer than they would in real life, so it makes them see all the dramatic parts.

"Walking Slow, Like Astronauts" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Walking Slow, Like Astronauts” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

In this movie, which might be one of the first ones of it, it is kind of dark, and hard to see. Plus, it turns out they don’t really walk in slow motion. But I still call it that because they walk toward the camera all drama-like.  But I bet in that other movie about the old astronauts who go to blow up an asteroid before it blows up the earth, it has even better walking slow like astronauts than this antecedent does.  Plus, they were wearing red suits, which looks better because of the National Geographic trick. And in other movies of walking in your suit off to meet the challenge. Even if they are not astronauts, it is still called that.

I think that should be an assignment in the #ds106 assignment bank. So I will make one. It will be called,  Walking Slow, Like Astronauts.  I will try to GIF a better example for it.

But first, let me introduce to you my latest True Friend, Gardner Campbell. Here is his badge.


My Englebart Selfie

"My Englebart Selfie" by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

“My Englebart Selfie” by iamTalkyTina, on Flickr

Just before capturing my #thoughtvectors GIF, I was in the library doing a bit of research on someone and I took a moment to do my delayed Englebart Selfie. I don’t know if there is a Flickr set (I looked for a corresponding DailyCreate, thinking I could tag it like the others, but maybe they were just shared on the twitter.)  Just now, I found this montage, courtesy of True Friend Tom Woodward (@twoodwar, on Twitter) that he posted on his Tumblr.

"#thoughtvectors Selfie Montage" by Tom Woodward

“#thoughtvectors Selfie Montage” by Tom Woodward

Maybe he’ll point me in the direction of the curated collection?

reMemborex Camera Visualizes Tina’s #thoughtvectors

"Me, Having #thoughtvectors" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Me, Having #thoughtvectors” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

So, after my True Friend Bill (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) made a picture of himself having #thoughtvectors then I thought that there must be a way to capture an image of me having them too, like when Bill made that radio.  I dug around in my closet for an old polaroid camera and jury-rigged it to capture some #thoughtvectors in real time. I call the hacked device a reMemborex camera.

When I am having a lot of #thoughtvectors, it can be sometimes a bit overwhelming. Maybe that is the way for other people?  I was reading about Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell, on Twitter) making numbers on all of his associative trails (Reviewing our shady past: Nugget #1, and A conceptacular experience), and I was thinking that it would be nice if my PsycicSiri app could do that for me automatically, so that I didn’t have to keep doing screen captures and putting numbers on them with red.  If you look at the picture of me having #thoughtvectors up above, you can see that there is a lot going on, with thought vectors spinning and going out of my head, and things like books and Twitter and camera-pictures, and videos, and sounds and stuff all creating a barrage on my head from inside and out. Is it like that for you, sometimes, too?

Then, I use my ninja zen powers and make it all calm, like this:

"Ninja Zen" animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Ninja Zen” animatedGIF by @iamTalkyTina

I am working at developing some kind of mental focus on some of the #thoughtvectors as I shift to the ninjazen, but unfortunately the transition right now is far too abrupt, and so the effect is one of throwing some kind of massive “off switch,” as if I tripped on the stairs and fell and bonked my head. Maybe one day I will make a GIF that is between the two extremes — for now, I am working on the mental powers needed to effect that in real life. Having the main trails stay glowing in a little bit of luminescence after the ninjazen switch is thrown would be nice. And then I could use my reMemborex camera to capture the key remnants.

Well, I have some other things to share, and I need to make a badge yet today, so I will go back to do some more reading by that Vancouver Bush, now that I have my #thoughtvectors GIF done.

#thoughtvectors Badge

I don’t know if somebody has made a #thoughtvectors badge yet.

So I made me a #thoughtvectors in concept space badge. Because, you know, badges. 

"Thoughtvectors in Concept Space badge" by @iamTalkyTina

“#thoughtvectors badge” by @iamTalkyTina

If you want, you can put it on your blog too!

Here is some code that you can paste in a sidebar widget to display the #thoughtvectors badge on your blog.

<img src="" alt="&quot;Thoughtvectors in Concept Space badge&quot; by @iamTalkyTina" width="250" height="83" />
<a href="">my posts</a> | <a href=""></a>

You will want to change the link in the “my posts” section to connect to your blog posts instead of mine.

This is what it will look like:

"Thoughtvectors in Concept Space badge" by @iamTalkyTina
my posts |

What Does it Look Like to Have a #thoughtvector?

"Steve Martin Having a Thought Vector" image found on the Internet

“Steve Martin Sharing a Thought Vector” image found on the Internet

So, in addition to being the person who told one of my favourite jokes a long time ago that mentioned googol first before Google spelled it wrong (punch line, “ Hey, maybe it’s the needle!“), Steve Martin used to share visible #thoughtvectors in his head during his stand up routine. That is what it looked like in the picture above.

My True Friend Bill (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) shared with me a link to a picture of what his thoughtvectors looked like today.

I am working on my picture of what it looks like when I share my #thoughtvectors. I will share it here on my blog when it is done.

But I am wondering if this is like a kind of mini-Assignment for #thoughtvectors people, and whether other people might want to be sharing a picture of themselves having #thoughtvectors? Maybe it could even be a GIF of them sharing #thoughtvectors like mine will be?

Strange Love for Dead Man Penny Face

"Strange Love for Penny Face" animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

“Strange Love for Dead Man Penny Face” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

So that Tom Woodward (@twoodwar, on Twitter) has been about the most patient True-Friend-in-Waiting that I could have. It was even longer for him to wait than @VivienRolfe had to wait, and Tom did his waiting without all that David @dkernohan nagging. But David was right to remind me as much as he did, because I wasn’t being a True Friend fast enough to Vivien, and I wasn’t being a True Friend to Tom even slower than that.

Plus, just last night Tom’s friend Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell, on Twitter) said “I aspire to [F]riendship”, which said to me in a #thoughvector that it was time for me to get out my badge maker thing and then check my web form and see if I was even more behind with my True Friend badges than before. So I will do that next.

But first, I was making Tom’s badge. I know that his picture of the dead guy is not really a picture of him because I met him at the OpenVA thing and he doesn’t look like the dead guy. Plus, the dead guy is dead and Tom is not dead. And I also know that the dead guy wasn’t dead when he had his picture taken, but he was close to going there (but not from stairs, although I think he had to climb stairs one last time first but then didn’t take them back down, not even falling), but then after he had his picture taken, then he was dead.

So back in the olden times when they were dead then they would put pennies on their eyes for Charon to take them across the river Styx (not the band), and also to hold their eyes closed because they didn’t use sewing like today to stop them from popping open again. Plus, the pennies were bigger then.

So I made an animated GIF of Tom’s dead guy picture with big pennies on his eyes for Tom’s badge. Here it is!

"True Friend badge for Tom Woodward" animated GIF badge by @iamTalkyTina

“True Friend badge for Tom Woodward” animated GIF badge by @iamTalkyTina

Tom, thank you for waiting so patiently. Your badge is now added to the True Friends Index where it should have gone a long time ago.

Also, after I was done, I was thinking that with the pennies and curly hair and his head tipped back, the dead guy with penny face kind of looks like Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove, just in case you didn’t understand the title of the post.

Well, bye!


Do your #thoughtvectors have Arrows?

"Tina's Thought Vectors" based on "Finding the Path" from

“Tina’s Thought Vectors” based on “Finding the Path” from

Well, I was doing a bit of light reading and my True Friend MBS (@mbransons, on Twitter) made a picture of trailblazers going back and forth and learning by going to all the explorer places when you are going in information. The GIF above is based on an image from his post called This Way! Wait no that way. But I added me in to show my thinking.

Then, I started thinking because of this, and it made me have a question.

First, I was looking at all those curvy lines where they were walking around (but not in circles) and I was thinking that it was not-linear, but had more dimensions. Plus, time. Even if you got back to the same thinking spot later, it was not the same because you had gone to different places in between and even if you were at the same place you were at before maybe now you were different at the same place, so you were a different dimension, too. Plus, that time dimension was different.

Then, I was also thinking about all the places that you went to on the curvy paths, and how you saw other people and if they saw you (if you didn’t always use ninja skills) then they might have different paths from there (but not running away from you because they were scared!) and so they would take different stairs and get to different places, too. Plus, their time dimension thing.

Plus, you could also draw the picture that MBS made not on flat paper but in jello or something. Yummy.

"Dancing Jello" animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

“Dancing Jello” animated GIF by iamTalkyTina

Then I watched some videos on YouTube about people trying to catch arrows but I didn’t find a good one to GIF.  Adam from Mythbusters had a neat trick. But that’s when I made the jello GIF instead.

Then I looked up vectors on Wikipedia. Boy, they have a lot of kinds of vectors. But they didn’t say #thoughtvectors yet. So somebody should update that. Maybe Giulia.

Vector from A to B (cc by-sa 3.0) from Wikipedia

Vector from A to B (cc by-sa 3.0) from Wikipedia

Then, I was also thinking about a long time ago when they said that vectors had arrows on them. And then I started to think about how if the vectors (even thinking ones) have arrows on them, do you only get to go in the direction of the arrow (because someone put the arrow on it for you) or can you reverse it by multiply by minus one and go your own way and what kind of thinking is that? Maybe that is like when you think outside of a box. Plus, I don’t like to be in a box.

Plus, then I remembered that they also used to say a long time ago that vectors were made out of straight lines. But the #thoughtvector ones that MBS made are curved. So does that mean that all the curved #thoughtvectors are even made up of tiny little straight vector arrows? Or are they made out of curved #thoughtvector arrows inside of them?

Then, I was thinking about how MBS was saying about trailblazers and it made me think of something that I read on the Internet once when someone said this:


So I made demotivational poster of it for explorers.

So when you are a trailblazer, you get the fun of exploring and you understand arrows. If you are a ninja, then catch the arrows, otherwise duck or used curved ones. Or find ones that don’t have arrowheads on them. But if you are just a settler, then what’s the point?

So that was some of my thinking.

Well, bye!